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  • Published : September 21, 2012
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Time: 20 minutes – Do not use a dictionary
Part 2
You are going to read a newspaper article about a woman who works as a personal assistant, or PA,to the director of a museum. Seven paragraphs have been removed from the article. Choose from the paragraphs A-H the one which fits each gap (9–15). There is one extra paragraph which you do not need to use. Working in a Museum

Anna Cuss is a PA in one of the most important museums in London. She talks to Wendy Smith about her job. Since she took up her post a year ago as PA to the director of the Natural History Museum, Dr Neil Chalmers, Anna Cuss has become a source of knowledge on all manner of museum issues – from botany and zoology to fund-raising, re-roofing and heating systems. 1 ____F________________

And visit they do in their thousands. The Natural History Museum gets up to 1.8 million visitors each year, making it the fourth most popular paying visitor attraction in the UK. 2 ____E________________

This runs for another year and is advertised as the first of its type to explore eighteenth and nineteenth-century British sea voyages of exploration. 3 ____A________________
Her boss is also responsible for the running of the building. The site in London covers a huge area and is home to the largest collection of natural history books, magazines, manuscripts, maps and drawings in the world. 4_____H_______________

This means there are plenty of meetings to organise. ‘Neil sits on various external committees and we have all the internal committee meetings that have to be attended – the focus could be anything from fund-raising for future years, to buildings management.’ 5 ____D________________

Anna feels at home in this environment. ‘I always wanted to work in a top job in a museum and finally I’ve managed it,’ she says. 6 ____B________________
‘But that would have involved doing a postgraduate course. That would have meant another three years at university, and to be...
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