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Topics: Cancer, Mobile phone, Breast cancer Pages: 2 (480 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Must we use mobile phones all the time?

In this century, there are lots of people using mobile phones, from the young to the old, from the have to the have-not. Mobile phones can have positive effects if we use it well. But there are many people who misuse them, especially students. Most of them can never separate from their mobile phones. In fact, using mobile phones all the time can make us procrastinate doing things like eating and praying, forget to study, and even suffer from cancer.

The first drawback of using mobile phones all the time is it can make us procrastinate doing things like eating and praying. Sometimes, when it is time for meal, we postpone eating. In fact, we should not wait until we get hungry. According to Rasulullah SAW, we have to eat before getting hungry and stop eating before getting full. Then sometimes when azan is recited we ignore it. In fact, when azan is recited, we have to stop our activities. Regardless of activities that we do, we have to stop them and go praying. We must think about the hereafter, not only for pleasure in this earthly life.

And the second, we could be dumb, because we forget to study. It’s because mobile phones have many interesting features like messaging, games and also internet. Many teenagers who are falling in love always communicate with their boyfriends or girlfriends by using mobile phones. Using mobile phones too frequently, they are being addicted and lazy to study. Even in the classroom, they don’t pay attention to the teachers so that they don’t understand the lesson.

The worst effect of mobile phones is its radiation can cause cancer. Many people don’t realize that mobile phones have high radiation. If you want to prove it, put your mobile phones close to the TV, computer, or radio and there will be a feedback of the sound of its radiation. As so if we put it in pocket of our shirt, mobile phones’ radiation causes cancer, especially breast cancer. And for your info, not only women but...
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