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How badly the cell phone effects on student

The company who produce cell phones, produce it for people to get benefit from it, but when you are using the cell phone too much, the effects will be negative especially in the student’s life. The cell phone is best way to connect with each other. We can call our friends with a few costs. We also can connect in the Internet to browse any website. In the student’s life, we can ask about the test and homework between each other by cell phone. But when we are using the cell phone too much, the positive effects convert to negative effects. The negative effect can be in school life such as lose money, failure in the test, get lower score and wasting time. Also the negative effects can be outside of the school such as go to sleep late, Impact on social life, and routine life.

In their student’s life, the cell phone has the significant effects on students. They don't pay attention when they are using the cell phone in class. So, they get lower score, because they don’t focus in class. Sometime, they put themself in bad situation. The teacher put them in an embarrassing position; example when the teacher saw the student using the cell phone in class, as rustle the teacher will say for student put the phone away or goes out of the class. Most of their time by using cell phone; as a result, they don’t have time to study. When they don’t study, they maybe fail in the test. The student paid money to attend classes and get the degree from school or university or whatever related to education, but some of them paid the tuition and play by cell phone, the result of that will effect the score of the course and will not pass. This means waste of time. On the other hand, the students lose money, because they take the course again when they fail in the course. Also the GPA becoming day after day less. In the study time, the student prefers to use cell phone instead of studying.

In the impact on social and routine life, routine...
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