Miss Cornelia Udoh

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  • Published : January 9, 2013
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Relationship marketing with the Internet Relationship marketing is all about keeping the customer for the long-term. The life time value the customer has to offer. Traditionally offline the firm would develop a number of strategies to try to get the customer coming back to their store, this could range from having a customer services desk to making sure staff are skilled. These strategies have evolved for the online world, and it is has become a challenge to try to make customers visit and purchase products from their websites regularly. Some strategies used to develop relationship with customers online include: Customisation: Customer can customise their products online to give them a unique experience. Shoe manufacturer Nike and car manufacturer Mini Cooper allow their customers to customise their products when visiting their website. Giving users an interactive experience online. Online questionnaires: Many retail websites are asking customers to feedback their experience of using the website almost instantly after they complete using their site. The information has the advantage of being analysed very quickly so the firm can offer what users need. E-vouchers: Regular customers are often sent e-vouchers that give them discounts off their next purchase. Vouchers can be targeted around what the customer frequently buys. Firms may calculate that a particular customer has not purchased from them for a while and send a voucher enticing them back to try and re-establish this online relationship. Online chat: To recreate the shopping environment some websites are offering the ability to chat via webcam or chat window. This gives the opportunity for users to talk to sales persons via the web. Dell offer this facility online, where users can query computer specifications. By trying to recreate this interactivity customers may shift or secure their loyalty to a particular online firm. Customer Service and Contact: A key to maintaining online relationships is how the...
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