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Topics: Marketing, Business-to-business, Business Pages: 2 (571 words) Published: October 1, 2012
Ashley Dill
October 1, 2012
E-Commerce CS1

Aside from the traditional marketing that Mary Kay was previously known for (direct marketing through door-to-door services and gatherings), the company recently undergone a newly innovated way of marketing to their consumers. Building and operating an e-commerce platform was a bright direction to increase the growth in their market.

With the force from Mary Kay consultants, the company was able to upgrade their way of marketing by understanding and following their consumers behavior. The consultants consisted within the entire company were the main significant driving force for an e-commerce site. It was crucial to the consultants of Mary Kay to not only follow their consumer’s desires but as well as incorporate their goals and objectives within new e-commerce initiatives.

Since Mary Kay’s former approach to marketing didn’t really consist of computers and online service, the company encountered an issue that they had to change immediately since they considered to go about constructing an e-commerce site. One major issue that Mary Kay faced was the competition in the cosmetic market. With outdated technology services and a large number of consultants, Mary Kay finally realized that a new way of service was definitely necessary. Due to the fact that social collaboration is a significant factor that plays through online use, it was imperative for Mary Kay to go about opening a new service that will not only benefit their consumers, but as well as the consultants. With the new reconstructed e-commerce site, the company solved and responded to their issues by dividing into three departments, with obviously e-commerce being one of them. The company focused highly on the e-commerce side of things to better serve their consumers online and operate in a standardized business manner.

With the new e-commerce initiatives, Mary Kay responded to their pressures by producing a service desk that assist the wide range...
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