Topics: Education, Critical thinking, Standardized test Pages: 3 (1093 words) Published: May 25, 2013
English 101
Dr. Kronbeck
Solutions To American Educational Problems
Have you ever felt that lost? Have you ever felt that you know you must finish something quickly but do not know how to start with? Students always feel that when homework’s due day is coming in the next few hours. The teachers always make some dead line to request students to finish their assignments in time. But sometimes those students do not know what information they are studying, they just know that those are requirements for good grade. To a certain extent, students are becoming study machines. As John Taylor Gatto argued in the article “Against School”, “Schools are to establish fixed habits of reaction to authority, to make kids learn, and do, foolish and boring things (P.152).” Also, in the article “Idiot Nation”, Michael Moore criticized that Americans are sliding into idiots because of problem schooling. Those showed there are some problems exist in the American public school system. In order to improve the American public school system, students’ critical thinking skills must be improved. To do so, school administrators and teachers can do some changes for their curriculums, such as school should reduce the use of standardized testing, teachers can use case study method and cooperative learning strategy instead of boring lecture. In purpose of encouraging students to think critically, school should reduce the use of standardized testing. Test should be a procedure letting students know and improve their shortage. But standardized testing is not a real measure of a student’s ability. Moore also opposed this kind of standardization examination, he said “There’s nothing terribly wrong with the concept of using standardized testing to determine whether kids are learning to read and write and do math. But too many politicians and education bureaucrats have created a national obsession with testing, as if everything that’s wrong with the educational system in this country would...
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