Topics: National Westminster Bank, Westminster Bank, Bank Pages: 4 (711 words) Published: December 4, 2012
Assignment: Managing Operations
Module code: BEMM114

Assignment title: Reflection on Business Exercise 1

Name of Lecturer: Stephen Hickman

Student Name: Junwei Guo

Candidate number: 019622

Student Name: Heng Lin

Candidate number: 015045

Date of submission: 25th October 2012

Number of words: 493

This assignment is based on research work on National Westminster Bank (NatWest) and Costa Café (Costa) on the high street in Exeter by identifying and comparing their layout and process types, so as to show how the differences impact their operations management. Polar Analysis is also applied in this study which concludes with advices on how to improve their operations management respectively.

In terms of process type, NatWest falls into the service shop[1] category, given it is running as a service provider (Slack et al, 2010). Most of its medium workload/volume carried out in a branch is highly standardized by which staff members follow strictly prescribed procedures in their performance. Although NatWest does provide deeply customized services, such as providing professional advices as per individual customers’ needs, they are highly standardized in process.

The facilities are configured on the basis of a functional layout[2] (see appendix 1). In the banking hall, space is divided into such five functional areas, namely cash machines, business cashiers, cashiers, help desk, and personal banking. This layout style highlights concentration of specialized skills to perform tasks. Consistent availability of service is emphasized too.

Banks are expected to punctually deliver exactly the financial services as requested; they do live up to that level of expectation. Quality and dependability are thus the most valuable objectives to achieve (see appendix 2). Normally, customers in NatWest spend considerable amount of time in queuing which is non-value added. Quicker customer flow is of special value. More flexible...
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