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1. Choose two setting available for:
* Children under 5 years and
* Children aged between 5 and 7 years
For each age range, choose:
* ONE(1) setting that is statutory provision and
* ONE(1) setting that is a different type of provision
Describe the purpose of each setting

Statutory services must be provided by law. The role of the government is providing services or supervising them through government departments. The main statutory services are health, education and social services. The statutory services financed by the state, collects money through local and national taxation and national insurance. (P. Tassoni 2007)

Examples of a statutory provision are:

Nursery: Government nursery brings together child care, early education and family support services for families with children under 5 years old. Their purpose is ensure that every child and family has access to the best education, childcare, family and health support, training and employment advice. It is the cornerstone of the government’s drive to tackle child poverty and social exclusion working with parents- to –be parents, carers and children to promote the physical, intellectual and social development of babies and young children so that they can flourish at home and when they get to school.

Infant Schools: Purpose of an infant school provides education age between 5-7 according to The National Curriculum and Early Years Foundation Stage. The National Curriculum, taught to all pupils is state or maintained schools, is made up of blocks of years. Children start at infant school between the ages of four and five in a reception class. Following September they transfer to Year 1 and then to Year 2. These two years form Key Stage 1 in the education system. Key stage 1 the statutory subjects that all pupils must study are art and design, design and technology, English, geography, history, information and communication technology, mathematics, music, religious education, physical education and science.

* Private sector provides services, help and advice to children and their families. Private Sectors aim to make profit and they can be seen as a business.

Examples of a private provision are:

Parents And Toddler Groups: Parent and toddler group purpose is to get together adults and children under 5 years old and provide activities for children. They are usually run by parents, grandparents and carers. Parents and toddler group activities and what is offer you it is really depend of the group but usually cover; group activities, craft-painting, messy play like play dough, stories and singing, puzzles, toys. Also their purpose is that adults can have fun and meet new people. Parents and carers remain with children, and are responsible for their children throughout the session. After School Club: An Out of School Club is a private child setting 5 years and upwards. Their purpose offer care and activities to stimulate the children’s creativity and sense of fun. They usually run before and after school hours and often offer holiday care too. After school club provide, safe, friendly and secure environment where a variety of activities are offered including arts, crafts, games, sport and drama. The children are also given the opportunity to relax or read in a quiet area. After school club provides extra curriculum activities for young children this gives an opportunity for parents to go to work.

2. Choose either:
* ONE (1) professional who works with children or
* ONE(1) agency that work with children
Describe the work of this professional or agency

Speech and Language Therapist: The Speech and Language Therapist work closely with children who have various level of speech language and communication problem. They work part of the health care team looking after the children and work closely with doctors, teacher, physiotherapist, nurses, health visitors, nursery nurse, dieticians and...
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