Topics: Grammatical tense, Poetry, Past tense Pages: 2 (489 words) Published: March 21, 2013
Choose a poem in which the poet blends narration and reflection. Show how the poet blends these two aspects in such a way as to illuminate the central concern(s) of the poem. A poem in which the poet blends narration and reflection is ‘Strawberries’ by Edwin Morgan. The poem tells the story of a deeply romantic and touching poem which describes the perfect moment of two lovers for a picnic on a hot summer’s day and the feast of the strawberries. They are reflecting on the memories and time they spent together. The mood and atmosphere of the poem allows the reader to understand the depth of feelings the lovers shared for each other and shows the closeness of their bond through Imagery, Word Choice and Verse form. The poem begins in past tense to present tense showing the poet wants to relieve this memory of the moments they spend together. The poet begins by setting the scene of the time they had spent together and describes the weather to help to get a sense of the atmosphere. He also describes the lovers eating the strawberries on the hot summer’s day and this adds to the romantic and physical relationship that the lovers had almost immediately. This is shown by Morgan through word choice as he repeats ‘we’ throughout the piece. The poet tells us of the ’sultry afternoon’ they spend together and clearly illustrates the hot and humid atmosphere as well as suggesting the sexual attraction between the lovers and the closeness of their bond. Morgan is showing the passion as well as the upcoming storm at the end of the poem that cleans both the lovers and the plates they ate from. At this point the lovers are eating there. ‘Blue plates in our laps’ suggest the lovers were both men because the colour blue is usually associated with being a masculine colour. Like most people you would just prop your plate on your lap and this is what the lovers did. ‘On our laps’ shows the intimate and intense relationship they had and also the physical side to their relationship....
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