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  • Published : February 7, 2013
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1.The environment organization:
Complexity: simple
Definition:a function of strength,number,and interconnectedness of the specific and general forces that an organization has to manage. The lose-knit culture reflects the agriculture origins of the company and its rural location as well as the nature of business, it will be safe to conclude that for the agriculture industry, the uncertainty of environment is low; the degree of complexity is simple. Dynamism: stable

Definition:a function of how much and how quickly forces in the environment change over time For management, 3-year forecasts are relatively reliable but 4-10year forests are not so reliable. But in this case, the Symphony insists 10-year forecasts, as it believed they were at steady or mature state position. Richness: high

Definition:a function of the amount of the amount of resources available to support an organization’s domain In rich environments, uncertainty is low because plentiful resources reduce the level of competition. As the position of Symphony was steady and the state is mature, there existed low uncertainty and competition, which evaluates the degree of richness is high. Besides,agricultural is a basic industry, the need of agriculture industry is keep increasing with the higher population,which means: the amount of resources available to support an organization’s domain will be more.

2.The organization structure:
Symphony Seed Sales : Professional Bureaucracy
The Professional Bureaucracy can be introduced as Standardisation of skills;Operating Core; Training, Horizontal job specialisation, decentralisation; Complex, stable environment; Non-regulating, non-sophisticated technical system; Fashionable(H. Mintzberg,1993) .

The symphony Seed Sales Produces mass quantities of seed and three broad ranges of seeds ,which is Horizontal job specialisation, decentralisation and complex environment. There are30+ full-time salesmen – plus large back-up staff (which...
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