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Karaoke Booth

Executive summary
Karaoke is a Free Web based Application Software for pc , Smart phones and tablets. it is Initially Designer for the Indian Music Industry where people are Interested in social Networking and interacting with each other through various Mediums. Karaoke will appear close to Social networking, with a Fresh and New concept of people making their own karaoke version of their favorite latest songs from All Different languages all over India and share it With their friends and Well wishers, using it as an Recreational medium. With Increasing and Unbelievable Piracy rate in India Karaoke will help The record Companies , Artists and the Consumers as well. A Web based Application Software, where sharing Karaoke songs and Interacting with friends is new and easy to adapt and interesting as well. The Karaoke offers up to date Original karaoke tracks with good quality and voice modulating options for the amateur singer who use it as a recreation and Fun. The karaoke itself acts as an Social Networking Medium where it meets Facebook , Twitter and Sound Cloud which are one of the Top rated Social mediums in this generation to make it more Interesting.

Business Idea
The Increasing Piracy rate in India, especially in the Music Industry where 95% of the Music Downloaded in India is claimed to be Illegal ( RIAA report - 2010). India when Compared to the Other Countries sadly remains in the top five , with a High piracy rate in the Film Industry. The Film Industry suffered loss of £ 450 476 000 ( INR 4000 00 00 000 ) due to Video and Audio piracy. There is drastic increasing level of music piracy through Online and Offline year by year, where there is no sign of decreasing piracy rate. The Indian Film Industry is a growing Industry where the numbers is on increase. India is the Largest producer of films according to the BBC report 2009. In 2009 India Produced 2961 films on celluloid includes 1288 feature Films. The are more than ten subdivisions in the Indian Film Industry which contains more than ten languages of Films, i.e. Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Telugu, Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Konkani, Marathi, Punjabi, Sindhi and many more. where each state has an unique Language of their own. Minimum of 100 Movies each from the languages of Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam and Kannada release in Cinema theatres every year. 95% of the Movies has Songs which is a typical characteristic of the Indian Film Industry. Each Movie releases a Music Album from the Movie itself containing a Minimum of 4 Tracks which helps the growth of this product. The Main advantage of KARAOKE is the increasing number of people who use social Networking and Applications for Recreations, Fun and staying in Touch with Friends. India ranks Third in the World for Social Networking users. In India now it has become a Fashion that people Express their Emotions in Public through Social Networking Thus karaoke would be an Entertaining application for them. The karaoke also offers the Original versions of the Songs for Download at cheaper Price where the Customer can buy it after Listening to the preview of the Songs. As the Application Software is designed for Multi platform it can be used in Smartphones and Tablets as well This makes the Application Portable and Fun to use it Wherever we are. The KARAOKE has an Unique Feature of Auto Voice tuning Option, where it helps to cut off Background and Ambience noises making it easy for the Users and it also Helps the Amateur Singers to Tune their Voice for Better Quality and Fun. It provides various Features likes gives a chance to Listen to the Original track for a Limited number of times before Buying are recording the Karaoke Version, in each purchase of a Karaoke Track it offers a Free online Lyrics Script for that Song, where people can even change the lyrics as well, not it any way of offering the Composer, Artist or the Record Labels. The KARAOKE has a new Approach towards...
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