Structuring Our New Entertainment Business Organization

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Structuring Our New Entertainment
Business Organization

The Team D Entertainment Organization will be joining an industry of house hold names such as Disney and Nickelodeon. These two companies have a multi-generational customer base and we will have to establish an original method of not only keeping our customers happy but attracting new ones as well. To do this we will need a strong foundation to build from including a decentralized authority, flat structure and a matrix model organization. The following report will go over our plans to build this solid foundation so that Team D Entertainment Organization can flourish in a market with fierce competitors.

Decentralized authority would be most beneficial for this industry. It is more efficient method of catering to our customer base and empowering our workers. With such a broad spectrum of services offered and in multiple locations Managers will need to have more control and flexibility due to the variations in local conditions. Decentralized Authority also offers the benefits of a strong corporate image which we will need to keep up with our competition.

Using a flat organizational structure will offer broad span of control, lower costs, and swift decision making that is crucial in the entertainment industry. This allows us to meet our customer’s demands and be more receptive to their needs. The flat organizational structure complements the decentralized authority greatly and offers further empowerment to the employees of Team D Entertainment Organization further strengthening our corporate image.

Our Organization will be offering a very broad spectrum of services and products making it prudent to departmentalize by Product, Function, and Location. This creates a more orderly structure where team building is encouraged, customer requests and needs, can be met more efficiently. This method also enables each location to work within the local economy, culture and climate, and...
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