Online Music Industry

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  • Published : December 4, 2012
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Case 2- Emerging industries
Online music industry – iTunes and Spotify

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Why are iTunes and Spotify so popular?4

In this casework, we want to focus on the changing environment of music industry. It started with radio, later on gramophone, vinyl and records, CD’s and now online music. We want to research why this new type of listening and sharing music is so popular and finally, will it take over all the other sectors of music.

iTunes is software of the company Apple. Since Apple has paid so much attention and effort on making mobile phones, music players and computers that have excellent applications to play music, they also created a proper instrument for people to play the music they wanted. What’s nice about this is that it’s not only meant for downloading, buying and listening to music but also for watching movies, programs and videos and listening to the radio. When the customer wants to use this application, the only thing that it requires is to download the program from the Internet to your computer or to any machine for free. After this, you just start to buy and then download music, films, etc. to the software and create your own playlists. In these playlist you can then categorize the song by the name of the artist, the name of the song or the album. After this you can play these songs one after another based on the alphabets or the singer, album or in a totally random order. If you don’t have the music you want to have, you can also buy it from Apple Store. The price for one song is 0.99€ and for an album it’s 9.99€. However, for some of these songs you can only play these songs with the iTunes playing program or Apple’s own iPod music players since the songs are DRM-protected. Lately they have started to release more of unprotected songs which also affect the pricing but are more convenient for the users. Now you have...
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