Mgmt Unit-1 Ip

Topics: Management, Question, Candidate Pages: 2 (694 words) Published: July 27, 2011
Service Division Manager
By Noe Rodriguez
American Intercontinental University Online

The focus herein is new manger recruitment with standards that meet the qualification of organizing, leading and controlling, discussion of some major questions that must be asked when interviewing the recruits as well as some common knowledge as to what to look in the person being interviewed for the job.

One of the most important things when hiring a manger is to find out if the candidate will be able to accomplish the company’s expectations and be able to work with other’s and deal with different personalities. In a personal experience The Church that I Pastor, we had to hire a Children’s pastor for our kids and that is a supervisory possession and can be looked at as a manager of that department from the funds to the activity. Therefore, our main goal was to find someone that had prior training and that loved to work with kids. Credentials were looked at and checked as well as phone calls were made to check references. After 12 candidates we found the person, recently graduated from Southwestern University in Oklahoma, with a great attitude toward children and great plans for the children’s dept. This is a real time example, in the real world we meet real people who are going to give it their all in or not. Management is great for any individual, from planning the right techniques in their dept to planning how to reduce cost while exceeding performance. Organizing is about having a layout, knowing what is where and why, to be able to accomplish the goal that is set by the company this is also known as integration. This is when the workers help to accomplish a common purpose. (Unit-1 Course Material) Some of the questions that this company would ask the manager prospect would be as follows. * Where do you see yourself in say five years from now? The reason this question is asked is to be able to determine the determination of the...
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