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Topics: Household income in the United States, Chicago, World population Pages: 3 (1021 words) Published: March 28, 2013
Summarize and Present Information in a Meaningful Way
Gloria Warrick
Colorado Technical University Online
MGMT600-1204A-06 P2 IP
October 22, 2012
Professor Donald Pratl

TO: Local Regional Sales Manager
FROM: Gloria Warrick
DATE: October 22, 2012
SUBJECT: Marketing Department Presentation
U. S. Summary versus Zip Code 60614 Summary
General Summary Report Comparison
The general summary report for the Educational Attainment portion for zip code 60614, Chicago, IL for graduates of a two to four plus years of college or university was much higher than the U. S. totals, 80.08% to 30.72%. But, people with some college and no degree was much lower in the 60614 zip code area and those percentages were 8.72% to 21.05%. As far as students in ninth through eleventh without obtaining a diploma was again much lower in Chicago than in the entire U. S. These numbers were 3.19% to 12.05%. Lastly, looking at kindergarten to twelfth grade graduates was again lower in Chicago at 7.55% to the U. S. totals of 28.63%. The next census was marital status. When comparing Chicago’s totals to the U. S. totals under the heading “Single” was 65.25% (Chicago) and 43.48% (U. S.). The heading “Married” was 34.75% (Chicago) to 56.53% (U. S.). These statistics were quite surprising when comparing a city’s percentages in these categories to the entire United States. There was not much of a difference in percentages when considering the population numbers. The next category under the general summary is the 2000 Race and Ethnicity. The first thing is to condense the different classes to three or four instead of 17. These four categories will be Black, White, Hispanic, and Other. The total of Blacks in Chicago was 6.80%. Chicago’s s statistics for the White population was 142.60%. The Hispanic population amount was relatively low at only 5.40%. The last category is Other and this total was the highest of them all at 145.20%. The U. S. total of the Black population was 14.30%. The...
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