Masters in Marketing Management Question Papers

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MMM Question Papers

Semester � I

Sub Code| Subject Name| 2007| 2007|
101| P P M| May| Oct|
102| Principles of Marketing| May| Oct|
103| Fundamental of Management Accounting| May| Oct|
104| Managerial Economics| May| Oct|
105| Research Methodology| May| Oct|
106| Consumer Behaviour| May| Oct|

Semester � II

Sub Code| Subject Name| 2007| 2007|
201| Service Marketing| May| Oct|
202| Retail Marketing| May| Oct|
203| Sales Management & Personnel Selling | May| Oct| 204| Distribution Management & Logistics| May| Oct| 205| Marketing Research| May| Oct|
206| Relationship Marketing| May| Oct|

Semester � III

Sub Code| Subject Name| 2007| 2007|
301| International Marketing| May| Oct|
302| Marketing and The Laws| May| Oct|
303| Financial Services Marketing| May| Oct|
304| Integrated Marketing Communication| May| Oct|
305| Retail Operation Management| May| Oct|
306| | May| Oct|

Semester � IV

Sub Code| Subject Name| 2007| 2007|
401| Brand Management| May| Oct|
402| Strategic Marketing| May| Oct|
403| Export Documentation & Forex Marketing| May| Oct| 404| Direct Marketing| May| Oct|
405| Industrial Marketing| May| Oct|
406| Rural & Agricultural Marketing| May| Oct|

Total No. of questions :7 MAY 2007 Total no. of printed pages 1

MMM(semester-II)Examination -2007
(New course)
Time 3 hours Max Marks 70

Instructions: 1) Attempt all question

Q.1)Define Management. Explain Henry Fayols Principle of management [20]

Q.1) Explain the term of Motivation along with its significance to organizational productivity . Discuss the Maslaws Theory of need of hierarchy in detail.

Q.2) Explain the basic function of management. Do these function vary from industry to industry? Explain.

Q.2) Explain in detail Management Thoughts from the industrial revolution to knowledge based society of 21st century.

Q.3) Discuss the various leadership styles along with examples.

Q.3) Explain the Dynamics of Group Behavior. Do the group influence on individual and group decision- making? Explain.

Q.4) Write short notes (Any four)
a)Corporate social responsibility
b)Hawthrone Experiments
c)Quality Circles
e)The Self Concept and Self Esteem
f)Shaping of personality
Semester I

Total No. of questions :6 MAY 2007 Total no. of printed pages 1

MMM(semester-II)Examination -2007
(New course)
Time 3 hours Max Marks 70

Instructions: 1) Attempt any 5 question
2) each carry equal mark

Q1)Chanel decisions cannot be taken without referrringto the PLC stage of a product Critically examine the statement with example

Q2) The modern Marketing Manager has to play more responsible and versatile role as compared to Traditional Marketing Manager Comment

Q3)Design Marketing Mix stategy for the following product:
(a)Milk based Soft Drink
(b)Electric Shaver

Q4)You want to launch new product of Ayurvedic Dantamanjan . What are the different step you will take to promote this product? Why?

Q5)What are the different objective of Advertising? Explain with examples and applicability with respect to PLC?

Q6)Write short note on any two:
(a)Ethics in Marketing
(b)Industrial Vs Consumer Market
(c)Product Packaging...
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