Structure of Business School at Oxford Brookes

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  • Published : August 18, 2006
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Organizational structure at Oxford Brookes

An Organization must have to be structured for its better and proper functioning. The structure of the organization defines the roles and activities required of people in order to meet the goal and objectives of the organization, by the better division of work. The structure of the organization creates a mutual relationship between various members of various positions among the organization.

The structure should also help people accomplish their own career and personal goals. Concern with motivation and communication should influence the organizational structure. According to Bernard L. Erven, an organizational structure has four objectives (1)Division of tasks,

(2)Coordination of efforts and tasks among people and enterprises, (3)Control over the way in which tasks are performed and
(4)Flow of information.
To accomplish these four objectives, the organization must decide the positions to be filled and the duties, responsibilities and authority attached to each position (E. Bernard 2005).

The organizational structure of a business is most easily summarized in an organization chart (Organizational Structure, 2005). The chart shows several important details about the organization: 1.THE DIVISION AND SPECIALIZATION OF LABOR - The organization must have specialized labours to achieve maximum utility from them in addition the division of work should be proper to have good yield or result. 2.LEVELS OF AUTHORITY - Moving to a higher job in the organization typically increase authority. 3.SPAN OF CONTROL - to whom a person is responsible, is shown for all jobs in the organization. Problems of more than one supervisor per person become apparent in the organization chart. 4.FORMAL COMMUNICATION CHANNELS - The formal vertical flow of information is shown. Horizontal flow of information and informal communication are not shown.

We have prepared a structure of the organization Oxford Brookes. If we analyze...
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