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HPA Industries are known as a company that manufacture “halal” product in Malaysia. They are the first Muslim company producing Islamic product ranging from daily needs; ( food and beverage) cosmetics; medication herbals; to medical products. They have Jawi Medical College (Kolej Perubatan Jawi) at Perlis to look into the development of their medical products. They have been able to penetrate the market since 1994 with the revolution of “halal” product and have been able to capture the consumer attention with their new product and services. HPA is in the market growth now as the “halal” product is in demand and more consumers are likely to choose more health product and organic base product.

HPA Industries applies a few culture in their operation such as all women worker must wear long scarf during working hours while non-muslim women worker should wear “Baju Kurung”(Malaysia traditional dress). Before start any work, all staff are compulsory to take wudu’ and perform solat dhuha every morning. They will continue their work after solat and there is no separation workplace for man and women.

HPA Radix Café has its own trademark that is ‘Mai Secawan’ which is very familiar to the consumer; when the advertisement appears in the television; radio and newspapers.

Radix Fried Chicken gain minimum profits of Malaysia Ringgit 11 thousand.


HPA Industries have been established for 15 years since 1995. Its first idea was come from Tuan Haji Ismail Bin Haji Ahmad. He was born in Kampung Mata Ayer, Perlis. He was graduated from Universiti Putra Malaysia(UPM)( Botanical Research) or previously known as Universiti Pertanian Malaysia.

With years of experience, he had started new medical approach with the name of JAWI. In September 1997, he had start small medical company name “Perubatan Traditional Al-Wahida” and after 8 years HPA Industries Sdn Bhd was established on July 15 1995. In 2006, they had established their biggest branch in Napoh. HPA Industries had been awarded with MS ISO and also Good Manufacturing Practice. The new product launch is Ice Cream Taiyyibah and now is operating in Manjung, Perak.

HPA Industries applies Islamic practice in their operations. “ Islam is the way of Life” and they believe Muslims should be able to become a manufacturer and businessman. One of responsibility to the social obligation to the Muslims is to produce Islamic product and their major concern is to ensure that all their products are “Halal”.

HPA Industries had established a medical college that will do research and study in this matters. Jawi Medical College or also known as Kolej Perubatan Jawi applies holistic medical system that combines 2 main sources that is “alamiyah”(natural) and “ilahiyah”(based on Quran and Sunnah ). They believe that the base in medicine is believing that everything good is from Allah that have Asy-Syafii() and effectiveness in curing any disease .

Group of companies for HPA are as follows:-

A) HPA Industries Sdn Bhd.

Focus on manufacturing the medical products; daily needs and cosmetics.

B) Al-Wahida Marketing Sdn BHd.

Responsible for the marketing of the HPA products; manage the stockiest and develop the mulit level marketing concept ( MLM ) for their agents and members.

C) HPA International Sdn Bhd

Responsible to promote the HPA products at the international market and they already have branches at Brunei Darussalam and Dubai.

D) HPA Food & Beverage Sdn BHd

Focus on the manufacture the food & beverage for HPA products e.g Radix Cola.

E) HPA Farms Sdn Bhd

Concentrate to produce organic chicken and medical herbs and organic manure.

F) HPA Machinery&Supply Sdn Bhd

Supply the machinery to HPA Group of Company.

G) HPA Ilham Holidays Sdn Bhd

Concentrate on promoting...
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