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Product Selected: Sweets
Brand Selected:
1.Haldiram - National Brand
2.Thaggu Ke Laddu - Local Brand (Limited to Kanpur)
Company Overview:
The company was started in 1941 in Bikaner, Rajasthan by Shri Gangabisanji Agrawal alias Haldiram Agrawal . The brand name 'Haldiram Bhujiawala' was introduced during pre-partition era -1941. The group comprises three companies:

(i)HMCL - Delhi based opened in 1983 for Northern region.
(ii)Haldiram Foods International Ltd - Nagpur based setup in 1970 for Western & Southern region. (iii)Haldiram Bhujiawala Ltd Kolkata based opened in 1958 for Eastern region. These three are separate entities and operations are carried out independently of each other. The only thing common is the Haldiram brand name, though each company maintains different logo styles. The company also exports packed Sweets & namkeens to USA , Pakistan, Canada, Australia, Srilanka, Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa, Indonesia, Qatar, Hong Kong, Japan, Kenya, North Korea, Nigeria, Mauritius, United Kingdom, Zambia and Bahrain. Annual Turnover: 10 Billion


The company was started in 1960 in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh by Shri Ram Avtaar Pandey. This shop is famous for its special local sweets (Ladoo) and for its unique style of campaigning. Mysterious campaigning slogans based on the national issues attract people to visit the shop.

Initially the slogan was " Neta bazaar Ka Ladoo - Dekhne mein kuch aur khane mein kuch" and now it is " Aisa koi saga nahi jisko hamne thaga nahi".The shop is quite famous and the extent of it can understood by famous lyricist Gulzar using this slogan in the film "Bunty aur Bubli" in its title song. Thaggu ke laddu is basically a partnership firm with four company owned shops. To maintain similar quality standards across all four shops the basic material (generic product) is prepared in one central workshop and distributed to all the outlets and at the outlets standard operating procedures are followed to convert it into finished goods.

Annual Turnover: 30 Million.

Marketing Strategy:

All marketing strategies are based on Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning. Based on these guidelines the strategies of the two companies are as follows:


Segmentation: The company focuses on buyer's primarily seeking good quality sweets.

Targeting: Further the company sees different characteristics associated with each consumer response segment on which it is rated. These are: Income groups
City (Tier-1, Tier-2 etc.)

Based on this two types of sub-segments have been targeted:

(i)High income group seeking fresh prepared sweets. This is handled by opening company owned outlets in Tier-1 cities where there is huge demand. (ii)High & upper middle income group seeking branded sweets at lower cost. This is handled by channel in Tier - 1,2 &3 cities.

The pattern selected for target market selection is:

Market Specialization (for high income group): The firm concentrates on serving many needs of a particular customer group.

Product specialization (for upper middle income group): The firm makes a certain product (Sohan papdi, gulabjamun & rosogulla) that it sells to several market segments.

The company created a customer focused value proposition of "Quality & trust". The initiatives which helped haldiram to uniquely position its brand are:

Products: Offering wide variety of fresh sweets & packed sweets. Adding new varieties which are preferred by target market.

Pricing: The strategy is two levels:

One for fresh prepared sweets for higher income group. These are the most profitable customers.

Second for packed sweets for price conscious high & upper middle income group customers. Offering its products at competitive prices in order to penetrate the huge unorganized market of sweets.

Place: The strategy is two levels:
Company outlets in Tier-1 cities for fresh perishable sweets...
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