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A. SidoMuncul Company

PT SidoMuncul was established from a home industry managed by Mrs. Rakhmat Sulistio in Yogyakarta in 1940. She only had three employees at that time. This condition pushed her to produce herb in a more practical form (powder) when she moved to Semarang. In 1951, she established a simple company, named SidoMuncul. It means "the dream come true" at Jl. Mlaten, Trenggulun. With the first and best product, Against Cold Herb, her herb started to be well known and the demand was rising. Afterwards, the factory was not capable in generating a greater result caused by the increasing of market demand. In 1984, it moved to the Home Industry Environment at Jl. Kaligawe. To respond the rising market demand, the factory is equipped with modern machines. The number of employees is also added. In anticipating the development in the future, it needs to build a more modern and bigger factory, the new 29 ha factory was built in Klepu, Ungaran, Bergas in 1997. Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X placed the first stone and the General Director of Medicine and Food Control, Drs. Wisnu Kaltim observed it. The Minister of Health and Social Welfare of the Indonesian Republic, dr. Achmad Sujudi on 11 November 2000, legalized it. It was at the same time as SidoMuncul received two certificates, i.e. the Way to Formulate a Good Traditional Medicine and the Way to Formulate a Good Medicine, which is equal to pharmacy. This certificate made SidoMuncul as the only herb factory with the pharmacy standard. PT. SidoMuncul is intended to develop a good herb industry. This intention made the factory concentrates more and becomes innovative. With the right materials (type, quantity, and quality) it will produce a good herb. To realize this intention, all plans of releasing new products are always preceded by literature study and intensive researches regarding the security, quality, and market sampling. To guarantee the quality, all production steps; starts from the raw material processed up to selling it to the market, are under a tight quality supervision. All employees are intended to develop at any time, so that it will make a better result. Vision : become the herb industry which gives advantages to the society.

Mission :
1. Increase the service quality in the traditional herb.  2. Develop research related to the development of recovery using natural materials. 3. Increase the society awareness on the importance of having a healthy life form, using natural materials, and curing traditionally. 4. Encourage the government or the official instances to involve more on the traditional recovery development. B. R&D

1. Qualified human resource

PT. SidoMuncul currently is supported by 2000 employees who have different level of education; from elementary school to undergraduate. These employees are put based on their skills, abilities and capacities. Besides, PT. SidoMuncul has experts from various discipline science such as biology, economic, pharmacy, agriculture, law, food technology, chemistry, engineering and etc. 

To develop employee’s skill, PT SidoMuncul also gives opportunities to their staff to follow training, course, or seminar. To support its expansion, PT SidoMuncul also recruit some consultants such as; pharmacist, doctor, dentist, and specialists. 2. Factory facility

By having CPOB (Pharmacy Factory Standard), PT SidoMuncul is equipped with facilities as follows: 1. Laboratory
* Instrument laboratory
* Microbiology laboratory
* Pharmacology laboratory
* Chemistry laboratory equipped with HPLC (High Pressure Liquid Chromatography), GC (Gas Chromatography) and TCL Scanner (Thin Layer Chromatography) 2. Plantation and herbal medicine development

3. Extraction center
4. Clear water management
5. Waste water management
6. Library
7. Holistic clinic
The factory location of PT SidoMuncul is not only used for production but also for...
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