Ihrm Practices Followed by Aci Bangladesh

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Under the leadership of the experienced and dynamic business leader, managing director Mr. Arif Dowla, this highly skilled and motivated team of professionals is dedicated in formulating effective strategies to meet the challenges in the ever-changing market, developing new products tailored to satisfy the customers current needs, exploring new opportunities in both home and abroad, and working for consistent growth and increased market share for ACI. Currently the company is hosting approximately 2500 employee under its shelter, among the top-level executives or leaders as ACI like to call them are mentioned in the following

Dr. Arif Dowla Managing Director
Mr. Azmal Hossain Executive Director, Trade
Dr.F.H.Ansarey Executive Director, Agribusinesses Mr. Syed AlamgirExecutive Director, Consumer Brands
Mr. M. Mohibuz ZamanChief Operating Officer, Pharmaceuticals Mr. Muallem A. ChoudhuryExecutive Director, Finance and Planning Mr. Towfiqur Rahman General Manager, Operations
Mr. Priyatosh Datta General Manager, Quality Assurance
Mr. Pradip Kar ChowdhuryFinancial Controller
Ms. Sheema Abed RahmanGeneral Manager, Corporate Services and HR

ACI’s Organization Hierarchy -

Under each Executive director (except for the HR department) the Hierarchy is maintained in the following manner-

Location and area
Head Office: 245, Tejgaon Industrial Area. Dhaka 1208

The pharmaceutical manufacturing plant is located at Narayanganj, by the bank of river Shitolokkhya. It encompasses a land area of 11.5 acres with 85,000 square feet covered area. 235 skilled persons are involved in the plant to produce world-class quality Products.

The plant is well designed and well equipped with all latest facilities and state-of-the-art technologies. The responsible team of plant workers, supervisors, officers and managers strictly follow cGMP recommended by WHO and In-process Quality control methodology for production and meets all national regulatory requirements.

Product Development
This creative team of professionals is engaged in developing new formulations and dosage forms with competitive advantages and strong product differentiation.

This highly skilled team is dedicated in producing products with consistent quality under clearly defined Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) in compliance with the procedures and instructions of ISO 9001 quality system.

Quality Assurance
This dedicated team plays the vigilant role of controlling, ensuring and maintaining the consistent quality of products for which ACI is so well recognized.

Scientific seminars
ACI frequently arranges seminars and symposia covering a wide range of medical topics attended by members of health care community. The faculty of these programs usually consists of both reputed medical experts and experts from marketing team have ACI and its international principals.

Continuing medical education of physicians and surgeons
ACI regularly arranges CME programs of both physicians and surgeons all over the country. These programs cover medical problems frequently faced by the practitioners, update their knowledge, and make them aware of the new therapies and medical technologies.

Clinical meetings
ACI arranges clinical meetings, covering case related medical problem faced by the physician in their daily practice. Audio-visual media is supporting every meeting

Responding to doctors’ queries
It is the most regularly performed task of the marketing team of ACI. The company has developed a postage paid business reply card attached to every literature in which the doctors usually send their queries. ACI tries to provide a comprehensive answer to the queries of the physicians covering all the details. Medical illustration and audiovisual aids

ACI is ready to assist in...
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