Marketing Management

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1. Market development strategy involves 
A. increasing the sale of present products to present customers. B. finding new customers for its present products.
C. targeting present customers for the newly developed products. D. leading an organization into entirely new and unrelated businesses. 2. Product development strategy 
A. involves seeking new products for customers not currently being served. B. offers product-line extensions of existing products to present customers. C. is merely getting the product to a new market.

D. deals with developing a production plan for a product.
3. Eddy's Ice Cream developed a line of whole fruit sorbets targeted at people who are loyal Eddy's consumers, but dislike all the fat and calories in ice cream. What organizational growth strategy was used here?  A. Product development

B. Diversification
C. Customer value
D. Market development
4. Huggies first started out in the disposable diaper industry. It then developed ‘Pull-Ups', disposable training pants for kids who were in the transition stage between diapers and cloth underwear. What kind of a growth strategy did Huggies use when it developed this new product?  A. Diversification

B. Porter's model
C. Market penetration
D. Product development
5. The Grand Ole Opry shows are played in an auditorium that is at best 75 percent full. Most of the audience is over 50. One of the ideas suggested to increase its audience size and appeal to younger country music fans is to use RealAudio broadcasts of the Opry shows on the Internet. In terms of organizational strategies, this is an example of  A. market penetration.

B. diversification.
C. product focusing.
D. market development.
6. In the mid-1990s, McDonald's opened a new chain of restaurants called Hearth Express. Hearth Express was targeted at McDonald's current customers who wanted a more leisurely home-style meal. The Hearth Express menu included rotisserie chicken, twice-baked squash, baked beans, and fresh baked bread. Identify the strategy used by McDonald's in introducing Hearth Express.  A. Market development

B. Product differentiation
C. Market penetration
D. Product development
 7. The Mattel Corporation targets children from the age of 3 and up. Fisher-Price makes toys for babies and toddlers. The Mattel Corporation recently purchased Fisher-Price for $1.1 billion. This acquisition gives Mattel a new product line aimed at the younger siblings of its current target market. By targeting the under-three group with age-appropriate toys, Mattel has implemented a _____ strategy.  A. diversification

B. product differentiation
C. Porter's model
D. market penetration
8. In its advertising, Suave hair care products compares hair shampooed and conditioned with Suave products to hair on which more expensive salon products were used. The company hopes that the ad establishes how similar results can be achieved by using Suave, a much less expensive product. If the promotion is targeted at consumers who once used Suave, but abandoned it when they could afford more expensive products, then the company is using a _____ strategy.  A. product development

B. market differentiation
C. market development
D. product differentiation
 9. The ability to outperform competitors in providing something that the market values, is called  A. diversification.
B. market promotion.
C. competitive advantage.
D. market analysis.
 10. There are more than a half dozen different sports drinks in the market, but only one brand—Juicy Juice Score by Libby's, is made with fruit juice. What kind of organizational strategy based on competitive advantage is Libby's using with Juicy Juice Score?  A. Strategy based on customer value

B. Strategy based on differentiation
C. Strategy based on cost-leadership
D. Strategy based on diversification
 11. One advantage of internet surveys is 
A. that the responses are accurate.
B. that the responses need not be checked for duplication.
C. the ability to...
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