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Topics: Marketing, Marketing management, Marketing strategy Pages: 23 (7257 words) Published: May 2, 2013
Table of Contents Page
Cover Page1
Table of Contents2
I. Mission Statement3
II. Current Marketing Situation3
a. Market Description3
Direct Marketing Services3
Sales Promotion Services3
b. Trend Analysis4
III. Marketing Strategy6
a. Target Market(s)6
b. Product Strategy6
i. Strengths6
ii. Weaknesses7
iii. Activities to Improve Weaknesses7
iv. Product Review8
* Core Benefit8
* Actual Product8
* Augmented Product9
v. Product Development9
c. Positioning10
Value Proposition 11
d. Distribution Strategy11
Cleveland, Ohio vs. Los Angeles California12
Los Angeles, California vs. New York, New York12
e. Pricing Strategy13
Marketing Manager Salary in Cleveland, Ohio13
Marketing Manager Salary in Los Angeles, California13
Marketing Agent Salary in Cleveland, Ohio14
Marketing Agent Salary in Los Angeles, California14
f. Promotion Strategy14
Direct Marketing15
IV. Financial Analysis15
Education Costs16
Annual Profits17
V. Short- and Lone-term Career Objectives18
Short-term Career Objectives18
Long-term Career Objectives19
VI. Conclusion19
VII. Appendices20
Appendix A20
Appendix B22
VIII. Work Cited Page23
I. Mission Statement
My mission statement is to design, or create, the visual aspects of advertising for new products on the market. II. Current Marketing Situation
My name is Jenna Teitenberg and I am currently a sophomore enrolled at Bowling Green State University. I am planning to pursue my degree as Bachelor of Science in Business Administration specializing in Marketing. With my current grade point average and my number of credit hours, I am on track to graduating in May of 2014. a. Market Description

Direct Marketing Services
i. Harte-Hanks
Harte-Hanks is a direct marketing services company that offers the wide array of integrate, multichannel, data-driven solutions for top brands around the globe (16). With more than 40 offices worldwide, they are on the pulse of technology, looking for more efficient ways to deliver solutions that encompass digital and social marketing for their clients (16). Harte-Hanks is harnessing the power of interactive media to create truly innovative multichannel marketing programs (16). ii. Thunder::Tech

Thunder::Tech is an integrated marketing agency that incorporates Web, advertising, graphics design, public relations, and multimedia services into fully integrates marketing solutions (15). Started in 1999, thunder::tech takes an integrated approach to all of their marketing projects, requiring interaction and feedback from all departments to develop innovative and effective campaigns (15). The company maintains an open working environment, void of cubicles, where silo-busting is highly encouraged and interdepartmental communication are key to producing results-driven multimedia, branding, advertising and public relations strategies and campaigns (15). iii. Rauxa

As in integrated marketing agency, Rauxa’s core competencies include strategy, data, creative, digital, direct, social media, multicultural, retail and event, customer relationship management, business to business and print and digital production (17). In recent years, they have also grown their utilization of intelligent listening and audience research believed to help improve targeting and reach of marketing activities (17).

Sales Promotion Services
i. Advantage Sales and Marketing, LLC
Advantage Sales and Marketing, LCC is a premier North American sales and marketing agency committed to building brand value for their...
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