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Topics: Marketing, Strategic management, Marketing management Pages: 5 (1088 words) Published: May 26, 2011
Question 1
List and briefly explain the external or macro-environmental forces indicating how each element can affect the ability of the organisation to compete in the market.

External Environment (Chapter 3)

Question 2
Differentiate between the core product, the actual product, and the augmented product as these concepts apply in the motorcar industry.
Product (Chapter 8)

Question 3
Draw a product life cycle diagram showing the sales and the profit changes that occur over a typical product life cycle. Briefly explain the typical marketing mix variables that occur in each stage. Provide an example of a product or service that you feel reflect each stage of the product life cycle and justify your reasoning. New Product Development (Chapter 9)

Question 4
List and briefly explain the stages in the consumer decision process. Explain the influences that can impact on the consumer decision process. Use the purchase of a car or phone to demonstrate your understanding. Identify at what stage/s the marketing mix might be used to influence the decision process.

Question 5
List and briefly describe five characteristics of services that make marketing of services different to that of the marketing of goods. How might the marketing mix be modified to overcome these challenges? Provide examples to demonstrate your understanding.

Question 6
Kotler et, al., (2009, p 42) describes strategic planning as ‘the process of developing and maintaining a strategic fit between the organisations’ goals and capabilities and its changing marketing opportunities. It relies on developing a clear company mission, supporting objectives, a sound business portfolio and coordinated functional strategies.’

Discuss the three levels in a strategic hierarchy and briefly describe the strategic decisions that occur at each level. Provide examples to demonstrate your understanding.

Question 7
What are the key factors that companies need to consider when deciding which target marketing strategy is most appropriate to use in the market. Provide examples to demonstrate your understanding.

Question 8
Marketers need to be able to demonstrate a return on investment in terms of their marketing strategy and control the marketing effort. List and explain what steps marketers can take to control the marketing effort.

Question 9
The marketing concept is a managerial philosophy where management is focused on helping customers to (better) satisfy their needs and wants. List and explain the other four marketing management philosophies that can guide a companies marketing efforts. Provide an example of companies that use each of the marketing management philosophies to demonstrate your understanding.

Question 10
Consumer products can be generally classified as convenience, shopping, specialty, or unsought goods. The product classification plays a major role in determining the marketing mix for products in each of these categories. Explain the consumer buying behaviour characteristics for each category and briefly describe the marketing considerations in relation to price, place and promotion. Provide examples for each category.

Question 11
What is communication and why is it important for marketers to understand the communication process? Describe the communication process and explain how marketers can enhance the communication process. Provide examples to support your discussion.

Question 12
What is meant by the term integrated marketing communications (IMC). Identify and briefly describe the five promotional or marketing communications tools an organisation can use in its promotion mix. Provide examples to demonstrate your understanding.

Question 13
You are the sales manager for Blanco office supplies. Sales are down and the marketing manager has instructed you to sell more product! Using the seven stages of the personal selling process as a guide, explain what you would do in each stage to meet new sales objectives in your...
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