Johnson & Johnson

Topics: Marketing, Marketing strategy, Marketing research Pages: 7 (815 words) Published: May 11, 2013
| | |Marketing concepts, market opportunities, products & branding, promotional mix & distribution- Applied Concepts on the UAE | |Market |

|Scenario – Project Overview | | |You are employed as a Marketing Consultant for a company in the UAE to |[pic] | |analyze its existing products and offerings. You then have to suggest | | |changes to the company’s marketing strategies. | | |The company has asked you to investigate the current marketing situation, | | |products or services and customer approaches through secondary and some | | |primary data research if needed. | | |Based on your research you will prepare a marketing report for the managers| | |which will provide marketing opportunities by choosing an existing or new | | |product /service. It will give details of how the company should market the| | |existing or new product /service to current and potential customers. | |

|Goals Understand and apply the strategic marketing concepts (All LOs in ITEC 462): | |The role and importance of satisfying and delighting customers and the marketing oriented approach in a company | |Market opportunities and strategic tools to use to analyze market opportunities | |Products, PLC & branding importance & strategies | |Promotional Mix strategies | |Distribution strategies. |

|Project Objective: | | | |The aim of this project is for the ITEC N462 students, in teams (of around 4 students), is to write a marketing report for an existing | |product/service based on research undertaken with a current company in the UAE, in an aim to improve it. You can also choose a new | |product/service to launch. | | | |Task: Assume that your group has been contracted as a team of marketing consultants by the respective business organization, and has been asked | |to develop and submit a complete marketing report for them based on what follows. | | | |The...
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