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[MARKETING TODAY] January 24, 2011 True-False - Terminology/Concept 1. Marketing-related activities are limited to people called “marketers.” 2. The effective practice of marketing-related activities is limited to larger firms. 3. For virtually every good and service we purchase, the marketing process affects the assortment of models and styles offered in the marketplace. 4. The scope of marketing includes goods, services, organizations, people, places, and ideas. 5. A firm can anticipate demand through marketing research and sales forecasting activities. 6. A firm can stimulate demand through offering credit and by expanding a product’s distribution to include additional retailers. 7. Installation, alteration, and repair services are all elements of facilitation of demand. 8. After-sales service to ensure that a product’s performance in use meets or exceeds consumer expectations is an important aspect of satisfaction of demand. 9. Consumer demand refers exclusively to the attributes and needs of final and intermediate consumers (such as wholesalers and retailers). 10. Central to any definition of marketing is demand enlargement. 11. In general, the use of barter is more common in less-developed countries than in industrialized countries. 12. The expansion of production capabilities in the Industrial Revolution was associated with the beginning of the production era of marketing. 13. In the production era of marketing, a firm seeks to reduce costs through increasing market share. 14. Of the production, sales, marketing department, and marketing company eras, the role of marketing is smallest in the sales era. 15. While companies may conduct consumer research in the sales era, this research is generally not used as the basis for a revised marketing strategy. True-False - Terminology/Concept 16. The role of communication in the sales era is to convince consumers to purchase a given brand or style. 17. The existence of sales managers, marketing research personnel,...
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