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1.0 Situational AnalysisError! Bookmark not defined.
1.1 Current Marketing MixError! Bookmark not defined.
1.1.1 Current ProductError! Bookmark not defined.
1.1.2 Current Price
1.1.3 Current Distribution
1.1.4 Current Promotion
1.2 Environmental Scanning
1.2.1 Political/Legal EnvironmentError! Bookmark not defined.
1.2.2 Economic Environment
1.2.3 Social/Cultural EnvironmentError! Bookmark not defined.
1.2.4 Technological Environment
1.2.5 Natural Environment
1.2.6 Competitive Environment
1.2.7 Demographic Environment
1.3 Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) Analysis TableError! Bookmark not defined.
2.0 Segmentation TheoryError! Bookmark not defined.
2.1 What is segmentation?
2.2 Why is segmentation used?Error! Bookmark not defined.
2.3 How can firms benefit from a multidimensional approach to segmentation?Error! Bookmark not defined.
3.0 Target Market Identification
3.1 Geographical TraitsError! Bookmark not defined.
3.2 Demographic Traits
3.3 Psychographic Traits
3.4 Behavioural TraitsError! Bookmark not defined.
4.0 Target Market Collage
5.0 Completion of Discussion/Rationale of the Target Market Collage Images Chosen Table1
6.0 Reference lists

1.0 Situation Analysis
1.1 Current Marketing Mix

1.1.1 Current Produt
Malta Guinness is a franchise and its system in Mauritius by Phoenix beverages. A Phoenix beverage is the leading beverages company in Mauritius and has been providing world class beverages for over 45 years. Malta Guinness was launched in Mauritius in the 1990’s and today more than 3 million of 330 ml cans and bottles are consumed in Mauritius every year. Malta Guinness rich in protein, iron, vitamins (of the B complex) and calcium, is a non-alcoholic malt-flavored beverage from the Guinness® family. They offer a wide variety of beverages such as beers, wines, spirits, sparkling drinks and table water. Malta Guinness is one of the products which is rich in protein, iron, vitamins (of the B complex) and calcium, is a non-alcoholic malt-flavored beverage from the Guinness family. It is the perfect source of natural energy that will recharge you both physically and mentally so that you ‘FEEL GOOD EVERY DAY.” They respect the packaging and labelling of the product and recently they have redesigned the product which is unique and appealing compared to the competitors. It is usually both businesses and consumers who use it. Customers spend time looking for the product but when they do not find it, they look for a substitute like redbull.

1.1.2 Current Pricing
There are many competitors for Malta Guinness in the market, for example, Stag Beverages is one of them. However if there is a change in price of the product, consumer demand may decrease to some extent but currently the price is lower compared to competitors prices. But consumers purchase Malta based on the product Quality and product image. The businesses cost depend on the company, if they lower the price of the product, then it will increase sales revenue and competitors would not be able to meet any price cut. . This means that the price elasticity of demand would be elastic and according to Kotler : “Elasticity is the responsiveness of demand in relation to changes in price” (kolter et al.2008, 354). For example, the bottle Malta in urban areas is sold at a maximum price of Rs20 and the can at 22 whereas in rural areas it has been observed that the bottle can be sold up to Rs15 and the can at Rs18. 1.1.3 Current Distribution.

The company has a broader range of products and recently we have noticed that one of them which is Malta,it is sold in both urban and rural areas even in local stores of the regions or in bars and restaurants where customers usually look for it and but it. Some of the locations are : in hypermarket like Shoprite, Super U-Grand Bay,in Winners-Goodlands and Flacq and in rural stores like in...
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