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World No. 1 Car Rental Company

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|Table of Contents | |Sr. |Topic |Page # | |1 |Executive Summary |3-4 | |2 |Introduction |5-6 | |3 |Methodology |7 | |4 |Situational Analysis – current strategies |8-9 | |5 |Segmentation Targeting & Positioning (STP) |10-12 | |6 |Differential advantages/weaknesses (USP) (SWOT) (PESTLE) |13-15 | |7 |Recommendations |16 | |8 |Conclusion |17 | |9 |References |18 | |10 |Appendices | | |11 |A receipt from TurnItIn© | |

Executive Summary

The report examined the current strategies of Eurocar – the leading car rental company in the world; how has it differentiated / segmented itself from the competitors; USP, SWOT and PESTLE; and lastly, gave some recommendations as what the company should consider doing for maintaining or increasing its market share. In the end, a conclusion of the research is given followed by the references based on The Harvard Referencing Style.

Europcar was established in 1949 in Paris, France. Until 1981, the company had expanded in different counties across Europe and in the same year, it opened its doors in United Kingdom and become an internationally recognised car rental organisation. At present, “EuropCar is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Eurazeo. With about 6 billion Euros in diversified assets and a market capitalization of more than 5.59 billion Euros, Eurazeo is one of the top listed investment companies in Europe.

The methodology used is based on the availability of secondary data, researched and extracted from the internet.

EuropCar is present in all parts of the world. In the North American continent, it has a strategic partnership with Budget Rent-a-car since 2000. The only areas where is company is not operative is South America, Middle East and few countries in Africa. In the opinion of the candidate, EuropCar has a three prong strategy of operations: Ownership operations (like in Europe and Australasia); Strategic Alliance with other car rental companies (like in Canada and North America), and Franchise Operations (like is India, China and other Asian countries).

The three basic benefits to the customers of EuropCar are: Save Time, Save Money and Easiness.

Being the market leader and with operations in more than 150 countries the company implements segmentation strategies based on regional or geographical boundaries.

Europcar uses a wide range...
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