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Business Management 111
Business Communication
Fullerton College

Allison Pratt 949) 588 8385
Monday and Wednesday 10:00-11:30

Course Description:
This course provides instruction and practice in business English and in the mechanics and appearance of writing business letters, memos, and reports. Communication technology will be discussed including usage of Facebook, Twitter, blogs, wikis, podcasts and other tools. One original research report is required. Emphasis will also be placed on improving the student’s verbal communication and presentation skills.

Course Objectives:
Upon completion of this course the student will be able to:

• Analyze a routine business request and respond with a written letter that illustrates good business writing skills.

• Evaluate a report request and devise strategies to reach the intended audience and write the report. • Evaluate a presentation situation, devise strategies to reach the intended audience and make the presentation successfully.

Required Text and References:

Essentials of Business Communication, 9e., with Aplia. Guffey, Mary Ellen. Cengage, 2013. ISBN: 9781285111988. You must buy the new edition of the book (9th) with the Aplia code in order to complete the course. The book is available at the Fullerton College bookstore or online.

Please bring a memory device to every class. A reserved copy of the book is available at the Fullerton College library in the “Resources” section under the name – Standen.

Assignments:Grade Value:
Aplia Homework & Writing 100 points
Demonstrated Leadership 100 points
Individual Presentation 50 points
Group Work Plan and Term Paper 150 points
Group Presentation 150
Writing Assignments 300
Final Exam 150 points
Total: 1000 points

Scale: A: 900+; B: 800-899; C: 700-799; D: 600-699

Aplia Homework and Writing (100 points)
Aplia work is to be completed independent of the class, on your own time. At the end of the semester, you must bring in a printed Aplia gradesheet semester showing computer graded completion of assigned Aplia work.

You will be provided a sheet with additional information on how to access Aplia. In the meantime here’s how to get started:

Demonstrated Leadership (100 points)
You may earn 10 percent of your grade if you complete ALL of the following tasks: 1. Participate regularly in class discussions.
2. Miss no more than two classes.
3. At least twice times during the semester, bring written “real world” examples into class and discuss during lecture time “real-world” examples from your own e-mail, mail, work, reading or discussions in other classes and be prepared to discuss them briefly. These examples should reflect on the topics being discussed in class and use them to contribute to the discussion. Raise such issues as grammar, current business communication practices and business communication strategies – positive or negative examples are acceptable. 4. Complete items 1-3 above; and the Aplia work.

5. On the last day of class, submit a short persuasive memo to the instructor explaining why you should get the 10 percent credit for demonstrating leadership. Include a discussion of why the concepts learned this semester were important for your future profession. Also, submit the letter grade you think you earned.

Individual Presentation Guidelines (50 points)
The purpose of this presentation is twofold:
1. to increase your comfort level and practice with oral presentations 2. to improve your knowledge of business communication topics...
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