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  • Published: November 12, 2012
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1) The belief that a firm should dedicate all of its policies, planning, and operation to create customer satisfaction is called:
A) marketing concept.
B) market orientation.
C) customer orientation.
D) target marketing.
E) production concept.

2) Eric Villa obtained a license to sell real estate and then accepted a sales position with a Century 21 agency. To prepare for this new position, he purchased and read a research report entitled Buying Habits of Today's Home Buyer. Mr. Villa is attempting to develop a: A) relationship strategy.

B) presentation strategy.
C) promotion strategy.
D) customer strategy.
E) product strategy.

3) When a marketer decides to adopt value-added selling, emphasis will be placed on: A) product development.
B) selling tactics.
C) selling strategies.
D) financing arrangements.
E) the customer.

4) The term product should be broadly interpreted to encompass: A) all intangible items.
B) physical goods and services.
C) physical goods and ideas.
D) physical goods, services, and ideas.
E) all physical goods.

5) Across all businesses, more money is spent on ________ than on any other form of marketing communication.
A) personal selling
B) sales promotion
C) direct mail
D) advertising
E) public relations

6) Psychic income in selling refers to which one of the following? A) high commissions due to successful "intuitive" selling
B) imagining just how great it will be to make $55 000 per year C) satisfaction of being on a commission payment plan
D) job recognition afforded sales personnel
E) the opportunity to be a member of the sales team

7) Terry McMillan, employed by a manufacturer of small appliances, offers assistance to retailers in such areas as credit policies, pricing, display and store layout. He also collects information regarding acceptance of his firm's products. He is performing the duties of a/an: A) inside salesperson.

B) missionary salesperson.
C) sales engineer.
D) detail...
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