Mark and Spencer

Topics: Season, Customer, Target market Pages: 7 (1998 words) Published: April 26, 2011
1. Identify and explain the different customer needs of which the three M&S clothing ranges aimed to serve? Assume that the Perfect and Classic ranges serve essentially the same customer segment.

1.1 Introduction

Mark & Spencer is a leading retailer that offers stylish, high quality and great value clothing for a wide range of audience (M&S, 2011). They are also offering other products and service such as homeware, outstanding quality foods and financial services. Mark & Spencer was established in year 1884 and introduced by a Russian-born Polish refugee who name Michael Marks. Mark & Spencer had operated it business from a stall and grown into an international company which have over 600 UK stores and serving 10 million numbers of customers per week.

The greatest strength of Mark & Spencer is their quality. They demanding high quality and great value for their product, no matter it is a cloth or a food. Besides that, the reputation or brand name that recognized by international are also helpful for them, its help to increase their publicity.

In year 2007, Mark & Spencer has launched a plan named Plan A, which is committing to change 100 things over five years. The purpose of this plan is to enhance the way they operate the business by making a change for the environment and its customers, employees and supply chain (How We Do Business Report, 2010). With the 100 target they set, they have achieved 62 of it such as opening ‘green’ concept stores, improved the deliveries of suppliers, reducing air freight and so on.

1.2 Perfect and classic ranges

Perfect and classic collections are offering the classically stylish merchandise for their core customers. The objective of perfect and classic collections is serves those women who had a busy lifestyle and mature customer. They always are looking for the clothing which have good quality and value but with a reasonable price. When peoples have a busy lifestyle, they do not have extra time to do those extra jobs such as hand wash, iron or dry clean and so on. These peoples are more prefer to the merchandise that machine washable, tumble-dry friendly and able to long-lasting. Besides that, perfect and classic are also offer a good look design, such as the smart and elegant clothes, which is made from high quality fabrics and sell at the reasonable price. Another feature of classic collection is comfort and size available for their customers. Every cloth from classic collection, it is designed to flatter and skim the natural body shape, doesn’t matter what size does the customer has.

1.3 Autograph range

Autograph is another sub-brand of Mark & Spencer. The objective of autograph is to offer the cutting-edge design to a wide range of audience. The main sales point of autograph is its luxurious design with seasonal change. A high street prices are charge from their customers to show its luxurious design and its high quality. Mark & Spencer has recruited some of the top designers over the world to help them create a series of collections. Autograph collections are not easy to found in everywhere, it is only offer in a designer boutique environment and selected stores.

1.4 Per una range

Per una is the most expensive within these three clothing ranges. It was 10 per cent more expensive than the main ranges of Mark & Spencer. With this affordable prices, per una providing the highest quality and superb design from their top designers to the customers. Per una was only target on fashion-conscious women who are aged between 25 and 35, and sizes from 8 to 18. Mark & Spencer said that women don’t want to see the same things around especially meet with someone who wearing the same cloth with herself. Women want to be the most exclusive when they wearing a premium or high-fashion item. So, Mark & Spencer have launched per una, the limited edition items with presented in a small numbers and short period, and it has no repeat produce for the item once it have been...
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