Stuart Rose-Ethical Leader

Topics: Ethics, Environment, Marks & Spencer Pages: 5 (2491 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Sir Stuart Rose is a famous British businessman who was born in 17 March 1949. He was served as the executive chairman of the well-known London-based retailer, Marks & Spencer from June 2008 till 31 July 2010. In 2007, Sir Stuart Rose was awarded ‘2006 Business leader of the year’ as he has lead Marks & Spencer in restoring the fortune of the company. However, he was replaced by Robert Swannell and remained as the chairman of Marks & Spencer Group plc in the early of 2011 (Blackhurst, 2006). He was the one who initiated ‘Plan A’ and implemented it successfully in Marks & Spencer. The reason Sir Stuart Rose implemented the ‘Plan A’ policy because he has focused on what the customers want and created this commercial base for the ‘Plan A’. This plan has showed Sir Stuart Rose the ideal of mixing operations, awareness of commercial and moral. “You live and you learn” quoted by Sir Stuart Rose, shows that he learned from what he had experience, no matter the experiences is bad or good (Anderson, 2012a). He doesn’t look back to the past as he will give a better future to the world (Currie, 2012). He has stated that the mission of Marks & Spencer, they focus on three things; there are service delivery, shops and products (Blackhurst, 2006). His ethical values have formed the image of Marks & Spencer as an environmental friendly company. The most significant and distinct ethical characteristic of Sir Stuart Rose is the value of having a great responsibility and belief in protecting and preventing the environment from further pollution. He has believed that a successful businessman should be committed to ethics and also sustainability (Anderson, 2012b). He has his way of doing his business, not like others, only thinking of the profit of the company and has neglected the importance of environment. Even though no one in business has followed Sir Stuart Rose’s ethical way of doing business at the very beginning, he still manages to run the company’s business well with the plan of saving the environment. He did not give up his ethics way when Marks & Spencer face a drop in total sales and market shares (Anon., 2009). Moreover, he has lead Marks & Spencer to recover and growth without abandon his responsibility of protecting the environment. Besides that, the other distinct ethical characteristic of Sir Stuart Rose is the belief of ‘doing the right things’ in the business and not just only doing the thing right (Anon., 2009). In Sir Stuart Rose business’s theory, the benefits of the consumers are more important than the benefits of him and his company. That’s the way he came out with doing the right things in the business but not doing for his own benefits and profits. In a result, he had introduced few policies in Marks & Spencer to sell their products in a more environmental friendly way. Not like others company, most of them set the company’s profit as their goal. Therefore, they only do the things right as they reach their goal without concern of the others. However, Sir Stuart Rose does the other way round, he do the right things. As he willing listen to what the public, society and people need and decide the right things to do in his retail business. Furthermore, the third ethical characteristic is that Sir Stuart Rose showed the ideal of mixing working, commercial acumen, and moral from the launching of the eco-friendly plan policy. Sir Stuart Rose has noted out that the climate issue today is too far and big to solve by him alone, so he suggested that if the government, business and consumers work together, they will make a big difference to the environment (2007). He has the ethical spirit on protecting the environment, listening to the customers and engages consumers in his plan in order to help his customers and staffs live a healthier lifestyle. This three ethical characteristic have showed the ethical leadership style that Sir Stuart Rose used in his business. His attitude, values,...
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