Business Unit 1 P1&P2

Topics: Management, Organization, Third World Pages: 3 (619 words) Published: May 15, 2013
Voluntary business: Warchild

Warchild is a voluntary organisation that operates internationally, they work in diffirent country’s and also advertise in different country’s. The reason that Warchild exists are the war’s in Africa and the use of child soldiers in it, the founders of Warchild wanted to help them, and they wanted to do that on a big scale so therefore Warchild was founded. The products and services of Warchild are being supplied below cost (for free mostly, since the (ex-)child soldiers can’t pay for it). Warchild educates volunteers in the (ex-)warzones and send people there themselves so they can also help the children over there, they don’t really help the government since it’s usually corrupted. Warchild is a ‘charity trust’. Their aims:

To alleviate the suffering of children by bringing material aid into war zones. To support those children who have been evacuated into refugee camps. To initiate rehabilitation programmes once children return safely to their homes. To be instrumental in healing the psychological damage caused to children by their experiences of war. “

Private business: M&S

M&S is a private company that operates internationally (more then 700 shops in more then 34 country’s). The business was founded by micheal marks and tom spencer in 1901 because together they could make a better shop. The products are provided for profit trough the internet or in a ‘real’ shop. It’s a shareholders ownership since there is no charity or government involved in the business. Their vision:

What is Plan A?
Plan A is our five-year, 100-point plan to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing our business and our world. It will see us working with our customers and our suppliers to combat climate change, reduce waste, safeguard natural resources, trade ethically and build a healthier nation. We're doing this because it's what you want us to do. It's also the right thing to do. We're calling it Plan A because we...
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