Stakeholders Unit 1 Assignment 1

Topics: Marks & Spencer, Management, Stuart Rose Pages: 9 (3267 words) Published: March 1, 2013
Stakeholder| Points to cover|
Owners| This could be a sole trader or a partnership. People think that owners are the most important stakeholders because they might have put a lot of effort into setting up the business. Owners want/like their share of profit increasing and there business progressing well. The owners in Marks and Spencer’s have an interest because they want to see their business rising. Cancer Research owners have an interest in the business because they want the charity to raise as much money as possible.| Customers| The customers want the business to do well because if they have a share in that particular business then it is an advantage for them because they will get more money for it. Customers have an interest in Marks and Spencer’s because they know that company is progressing well and it is a well known company and is not likely to fall in debt. Customers that have an interest in Cancer Research because they want to contribute to the charity so that welfare in this world can become better. E.G New ways to cure cancer. Also they have an interest because they know the business provides a good service and that a lot of people donate to it. | Employees| Employees want to have a share in the business because they want earn high wages and so that they can keep their jobs. They want to work for a company that makes them proud. Employees in Marks and Spencer’s may be interested in that business because they want the business to succeed. Here are some people that have a major role in the company: Robert Swanell (Chairman), Marc Bolland (Chief Executive), Alan Stewart (Chief Finance Officer), Kate Bostock (Executive Director, General Merchandise) and many more.| Suppliers| They want to have sturdy orders and punctual payments. They also want to feel appreciated by the company that they give to. Marks and Spencer’s have around 2,000 product suppliers in over 70 countries and they are unique in labeling all of their products with the country of origin. Cancer Research has suppliers all over the world, the public are there suppliers and they sell it to raise money for that charity group. | Pressure Groups| Pressure groups are a group of people that protest against things that are harming the earth, E.g. Friends Of The Earth were protesting because the government was using a lot of land, for their own needs. Cancer Research doesn’t have a pressure group because they are their own pressure group. | Local/National Community| The stuff that is done by a business can have an impact on the local community. Local community sometimes put a share into Marks and Spencer’s because they want to get money due to the bad recession that is in this generation. | Trade Unions| Trade Unions the interests of groups of employees. They do anything to get higher wages and to have better working environment for their members. | Government| The government want all businesses to succeed and they want the business to create more jobs because then they will get more taxes. They also want the business to take responsibility to look after the wellbeing of society. Marks and Spencer’s create more jobs for people so that it requires less amount of work to be handled by just a limited amount of people. The more they have, the more work they will get done but if they have a lot of employees then it would be a problem because then the manager would have to give a lot of people wages. The government help out Cancer Research because it is a charity and it is for the welfare of people that are suffering from cancer, therefore the government will give contributions. | Employer Associations| Organization of employers generally from the same industry working together for the interests of all member companies on tasks like trade union negotiation, sharing information and advice and approaching other companies. |

Cancer Research
The owner’s interest in cancer research is to help find ways to cure cancer by raising...
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