The Levels of Retention at Marks and Spencer

Topics: Employment, Working time, Human resource management Pages: 4 (1505 words) Published: February 21, 2011
The level of retention of staff can vary from different sectors, from my
research I found that many companies had internal issues that caused their
staff turnover. So from that I was interested to see if this affected the
company that I work for, Marks and Spencer. So as we know Marks and Spencer
is one the most well known retailers in the uk with over 450 stores and in
turn employees over 65000 people. But over the last few years it has faced
more compaction in the retail sector, so with that a new strategy had to be
developed to meet their customers need and expectations and to keep them
ahead, so Marks and Spencer developed the promotional campaign based on it
new slogan “Your M&S” which helped the customers connect with business. But
with this did Marks and Spencer let their staff in the process, from my reseach I would have to agree that Marks and Spencer have let there staff
down because they have staff turnover. So from my research I wanted to investigate why marks and Spencer had a high staff turnover like what was
the main reason why their staffs were leaving and what they could do if anything to try and reduce it. So from my research I wanted to investigate
and understand why marks and Spencer has a high staff turn over and in turn
how it affects the remaining staff and the running of the business, to know
the methods used to find out why employees are actually leaving and some
solutions into how they can reduce it. Many organisations are of the opinion that once employed individuals with them unquestioningly believing
that a wage or salary secures their loyalty ad long service. However the
strategy involved in recruiting new employees should be progressed into their plans for their retention, and failure to do so is likely to result I
demotivated and high labour turnover. (Maund, L.2001) But I found that was
so off the mark when it came to Marks and Spencer because from the research
pay was not an issue when it came to leaving the...
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