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Marketing is the process which identifies, anticipates and satisfies customers’ requirements profitably’.


Debenhams has 30 international franchise stores in 14 countries outside the UK and Ireland, with 15 franchises scheduled to open by the end of the 2008. Debenhams have increased demand of its market, by technological developments, flexibility and ease of use, along with their strong brand reputations and marketing campaigns, and their strong national presence.


Place ensures that the products are available where the consumers would expect to buy them. There are many places where a business could sell their products such as direct selling, internet, in store, however the businesses should ensure that they sell in the right places to maximise their products.

Debenhams sells their products on line and in their departmental stores in which customers have more choice and can get help from the staff if needed. Online selling is convenience for customers who cannot go to their stores as they are full time workers or have a disability and therefore online shopping is the best way to shop.

The stores are located in various locations, including town centres, high streets and shopping centres and cover a wide geographic and size range.


Customers can get their goods delivered at their door step from Debenhams. Customers can get information on Debenhams website or in the store, where the customers can find out the delivery charges and delivery times in which customers have to enter the delivery address details. If the customers does not want to pay the delivery charges the can opt to pick up in a store or have them delivered directly to their door.


With the help of psychological pricing, competitor pricing and with price discrimination Debenhams can increase demand for their finest products. Most customers tend to spend more money on psychological prices as they are forced to think that they get good quality for a lower price. If the prices of the finest range were too high then Debenhams would not have much demand for their finest products and it would only be people with a high income buying their finest products however due to their various pricing strategies they are able to attract more customers even those who usually do not buy finest products and increase demand

Debenhams target audience are mostly 80 % of female the rest are men, mostly in their 30s and 40s. Customers in their 30’s and above are the top buyers who can afford to buy Debenhams products because Debenhams products are quality branded products which are expensive for teenagers or people below 25 years of age. This is important for the marketing of the products. Since we recognize the customer group (buyer), we can, set the right strategy, aim and objective or reposition for the products.


Ranges - Debenhams offers exciting selections on Flower, Gifts, women’s, lingerie, accessories, products for men and kids, electrical appliances, home Fashions and Home products.

Brand- Debenhams provides an interesting role model for exploring issues of brand development by providing a unique range of 'affordable design' and achieving a wide range of products, both international and own label brands(such as Debut, Maine New England, Red Herring and Thomas Nash) including 25 Designers at Debenhams brands.

Brand Culture- The other key aspect of creating a successful brand of Debenhams, is the development of a real brand culture within the company. Ensuring that staff, as the 'internal customers', understands and are committed to the brand is a challenge facing all companies.

Here the "cause-related" activity is an important component for contributing to staff morale and motivation, along with positive internal communication, magazines, services and facilities. Cause-Related Marketing (another CRM) is now a vital tool for further defining a company's...
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