Manchester United Soccer Club

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  • Published : March 9, 2013
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Manchester United Soccer Club Case Study
Answer To the Question No 01: Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

Manchester United Soccer Club “The Soccer Tournament”

Tournament Rules

Arranging Playground

Finding Sponsors

Referees & Artists

Final Ceremony

Selecting Players

Playground Rules

Contacting Local College

Field Design

Playing Equipment

Selecting Sponsors

Collecting Fund

Qualified Referees

Hiring an Artist

Television Coverage


Basic Soccer Rules Game Schedule Entry Fees

Examining the Field Hiring the Field

Field Dimension Viewer’s Gallery Player’s Shade

Goal-Posts Soccer Balls for playing

Main Referee Sideline Referee

Designing T-Shirts Designing Sweatshirts

Trophy for Wining Team Man of the Tournament Best Goal



Detail: The major deliverables for the project and a draft of the work breakdown structure for the tournament is as follows: 1. Manchester United Soccer Club “The Soccer Tournament” 1.1.Tournament Rules 1.1.1. Selecting Players 1.1.2. Playground Rules Soccer Rules Schedule Fees 1.2.Arranging Playground 1.2.1. Contacting Local College The Field The Field 1.2.2. Field Design Dimension’s Gallery’s Shade 1.2.3. Playing Equipment Balls for Playing 1.3.Finding Sponsors 1.3.1. Selecting Sponsors 1.3.2. Collecting Funds



1.4.Referees & Artists 1.4.1. Qualified Referees Referee Referee 1.4.2. Hiring an Artist T-Shirts Sweatshirts 1.5.Final Ceremony 1.5.1. Television Coverage 1.5.2. Rewards for Winning Team of the Tournament Goal

Answer To the Question No 02 Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) helps to develop all of the work structure and responsibility...
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