Alex Ferguson Essay 1

Topics: Manchester United F.C., UEFA Champions League, Aberdeen F.C. Pages: 13 (4703 words) Published: March 31, 2011
Alex Ferguson, brings more than the football
Deng Jun
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HFT 4295 Leadership in Hospitality Industry

This paper explores the leadership of Alex Ferguson, and how to apply to hospitality industry. Besides offering the background information about Alex Ferguson, the paper list three Ferguson’s leadership traits and leadership behavior to illustrate how Ferguson’s leadership lead Manchester United success. Next, the paper concentrates on analyzing the application of Ferguson’s leadership to hospitality industry and then summarizes the benefits to hospitality industry. Finally, the paper draw conclusion to confirm the positive effect that Ferguson’s leadership bring to hospitality industry.

Alex Ferguson is already a legend in football. With the countless champions and incredible coaching record for one football club, Alex Ferguson has assured himself of a place on any list of the most successful managers(coach for the football club is called manager in Britain) in the history of British and worldwide football. By his successful leading and careful fostering over 20 years, Manchester United foot ball club become the one of top teams in Europe from perennial underachievers. Despite almost two decades at the Manchester United F.C he remains focused on increasing that tally, bringing yet more silverware to the Club. Considering the reasons for him to create the brilliant accomplishment, the excellent leadership he applies to his management is the crucial point. Nowadays, Alex Ferguson’s leadership has been regarded as the innovation and example to the modern football club management. Therefore, besides the passionate and delightful football matches he can bring to people, Alex Ferguson also bring the impressive leadership to manage the team with good performance steady for hospitality leaders to have deep research. This paper will firstly introduce the basic information about Ferguson’s background and his football career, and then mainly elaborate how he reveals and practices his leadership traits and behaviors to the team management. At last part, this paper will focus on how Ferguson’s leadership affects hospitality industry and what benefits will bring to hospitality industry.

Born in shipbuilding worker’s family on 31 December 1941 in Glasgow, Scotland, Alex Ferguson was affected by the strong football atmosphere in Glasgow. At the age of 16, Ferguson started his football career as an amateur with Queen’s park football club. Although playing with good performance, he couldn’t gain the steady place in the side. Therefore, he transformed to St. Johnstone football club. However, the same situation did not over until Dunfermline football club signed him at 1964, and Ferguson became a full time profession football player. In 1965-1966 seasons, Ferguson scored 45 goals of 51 games for Dunfermline. Also, he was the top goalscorer in the Scottish League with 31 goals. By such excellent performance, he transformed to Rangers for £65,000, which a record fee for a transfer between two Scottish clubs. Because of the conflict with club, Ferguson left Rangers after 2 years. He then chose Falkirk F. C where he promoted player-coach. Ferguson joined Ayr United duo to the coaching responsibilities removed in Falkirk F. C soon, and he finishes his player career in 1974 with a record of 167 goals in 327 appearances that he played for various clubs. In June 1978, Ferguson began his coaching career at Aberdeen Football Club. During 1978-1986, Ferguson led Aberdeen F.C to win Scottish Premier Division 3 times, Scottish Cup 4 times, and Scottish League Cup, UEFA Cup Winners' Cup as well as UEFA Super Cup once each. Noticing to Ferguson’s excellent brilliant managerial skills and team-building talent, Manchester United Football Club hire him as the manager for the club in 1986 until now. In Manchester United...
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