Huntsville Plant

Topics: Project management, Management, Work breakdown structure Pages: 2 (654 words) Published: February 19, 2012
The Huntsville Plant Project will be ready by the June 30, 2012 deadline set by the board of directors because the Project has covered all of the areas necessary in its planning. Huntsville has identified the team that they are going to use for the project. They have been informed with the details of the task that are required of them. The company’s team has an idea of what they must do to keep the project on track. The schedule coordinates the activities with the resources that are readily available to the Project Manager. There is a sequence, in which the task that is highlighted must be completed before another assigned task is started. A Work Breakdown Structure can be the key to assurance that the employees will know what task that they are responsible for completing. “Creating a WBS is a structured approach for organizing all the project work and deliverables into logical groupings and subdividing them into more manageable components to help ensure that all the work and deliverables to complete the project are identified and included in the baseline project plan. It is a hierarchical tree of deliverables or end items that will be accomplished or produced by the project team or contractor during the project. “ The Huntsville Plant Project can stay on track if they stay organized in what they are doing. The Project Manager must also keep them in line so that they can be a firm example in what they are selling to the company. The Project manager must lead the Company by upholding that standards that they believe in.

“Often the WBS includes a separate work package labeled “project management” that is for all the work associated with managing the project such as preparing progress reports; conducting review meetings; planning, monitoring, and tracking schedules and budgets, and so on.” There are over allocated resources in the Huntsville Plant Project. The over allocation are in the months of May to July of the following year. The 40 weeks that are the...
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