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  • Published : September 16, 2009
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Recreational and Wellness Intranet Project
Scope Statement:
Project Title: Recreational and Wellness Intranet Project
Prepared By:Tony Prince, Project Manager
Date: April 15 2009
The project involves in creating an add on to intranet website, that will allow employees to register for company sponsored recreational programs and healthcare plans. This website also helps the management to track the details of the employee involvement in the programs. This will help the manger to give incentives for the manger. The project will be completed in 6 months with the cost of $200.000. Deliverables of the project are:

List of all recreational programs sponsored by company.
Intranet add on will provide repots of the employee’s involvement in the programs offered by the company. Employee online form to register for the programs offered. Intranet design: The design will contain sitemaps. Appropriate forms, search option. Documentation of all the activities.

*Work Break down* Structure
WBS helps the managers to identify the different tasks of the project and allocate the resource to complete the project. Assumption that are made before starting project The number of resources to complete project are

Project Mnager-1
Business Analyst-1
Design Team-2
Software engineer-2
Documentation team-2
Quality manager-1, Team member of quality-2.
The company need have to purchase the hardware and software to complete the project. Amount that will spent for this project is $200.000. The website should be user friendly so that employees are easy to access the information and register for programs sponsored by the company. The number of days for requirement gathering is around 10 days because once the manger has the clear idea of the requirements then it is easy to work on the project. The time required to complete execution phase is 147 because the number of tasks to...
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