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  • Published : July 16, 2006
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Writing the project plan provides a structured framework for thinking about how the project will be conducted. A significant value of writing a project plan is the process rather than the outcome. It forces the players to think through their approach and make decisions about how to proceed. A project plan can be formal, as stakeholders and supporters approve documents and procedures used to guide both project execution and project control. Overall, project plans create a system of document forecast assumptions and decisions, push communication amongst stakeholders, substantiate approved scope, cost and schedule baselines. In this paper, we will observe a project plan in its entirety. Of how each structure is dependent on the other to keep activities on path. A marketing project manager takes an in-depth look into processes and methods commonly used among project management to meet successful outcomes – in this case the launch of an intranet. Intranet project management differs slightly from traditional management tasks in that it contains both technical and non-technical users, managers, information technologists, and sometimes, users of the project. Traditional, hierarchical command structures and permanent staffing patterns are not found in project teams. Instead, the team members are given responsibility and assigned to the project. Team members are often juggling their regular duties with multiple projects. In this scenario, the CVO Marketing department is heading the CVO Intranet Project. As most projects only exist for an arranged duration of the project, coming into commencement as described in the closure plan, this project differs. The CVO Intranet Project is a launch phase of an informational portal. From here, it is most likely that the Marketing team will continue with phases and forever changing the make-up, information and tools. Basis for CVO Intranet

One of the most modern and most potent tools used by fortune 500 technology-based companies motivated to achieve the seemingly contradictory goals of ever-greater productivity and ever-lower costs is the intranet. Affiliated Computer Services Incorporated (ACS), a premier provider of diversified business process outsourcing and information technology outsourcing solutions to commercial and government clients worldwide, has implemented many intranet sites among its 50 divisions globally and as a result, adds much success to their operations. Commercial Vehicles Operations (CVO), a division of ACS, is embarking on an intranet project to bring about the same organizational efficiencies.

Much of ACS' success in the outsourcing industry is the use of internal information portals (intranets) that provide its business divisions a powerful one-stop shop informational tool to improve cross-department communication, cut costs and ultimately shrink time to market. These are key factors when engaging market competition, global expansion into diverse cultural environments and meeting customer demands efficiently (Guengerich, 1997). In this age of high-speed technologies, soft documents and expedient business processes, CVO needs an information infrastructure and productivity tool that its employees can access updated data documents and information at the same quick pace. With the over usage of emails that takes away the employee's productivity time, an intranet will allow employees access to up-to-date information they need exactly when they need it. Aligning CVO Intranet with ACS' Corporate Vision

ACS' vision is to offer innovative and effective outsourcing solutions for clients around the world; delivering higher quality, increased productivity and lower costs as the premise for value. For business process and information technology outsourcing, ACS is not a product it's a service; were people are making technology work. This type of service offering is aligned with the CVO intranet's objective. As it leads to internal cross-department...
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