Discuss the Principal Technologies and Trends That Have Shaped Contemporary Telecommunications Systems.

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It has been said that systems fail when system builders ignore "people" problems. Why might this be or not be so? Systems are likely to fail when system builders ignore “people” problems. The success of a system and its acceptance depends ultimately on the people using the system. While a system may meet the functional requirements of an organization, its acceptance or rejection would ultimately depend on the people using the system. The users or people using the system need to be an integral part while designing the system. In this way system builders would be able to understand the concerns of the people using the system, as well as motivate them to be use the system effectively. The support of management is also an essential part for the successful deployment and use of a system. Often systems fail as there is lack of management support and initiative due to which there is lack of interest among the users as well. Finally, new systems are likely to face resistance from users; hence if they are made a part of the process of development of the system, and their views are incorporated into the development process, there is more likelihood for the system to be successful.

How should information systems projects be managed?
While there are several strategies for managing projects, enterprise project management could be a feasible alternative for managing information systems projects. Enterprise project management ensures central management of a portfolio of projects in order to ensure that the allocation of resources to projects is directed and balanced towards the strategic focus of the organization. Enterprise project management also ensures that the overall goals and objectives of each of the individual information system projects are aligned with the strategic growth goals and objectives of the organization. It is quite important to have an enterprise view while managing information systems projects, in order to ensure that different information systems...
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