Admn232 Assignment 1

Topics: Project management, Construction, Management Pages: 4 (993 words) Published: May 16, 2011
The job of project manager, as performed by Ron Barnes of CanDo Construction Ltd., is fundamental in making things happen, as he is responsible for winning and completing projects. To do this successfully, he must gather an accurate assessment of the competition through direct contact, past experience, or second-hand reports. He must also organize available material and human resources, and determine the timeframe necessary to complete all processes of a project.

Goals in planning involve completing the project on time and under budget, with a high quality of workmanship. Determining and organizing available resources involves preparing contracts for sub-contractors and choosing a site superintendent. Daily correspondence with the site superintendent facilitates the controlling function. Leadership is displayed through clear communication regarding what needs to be done, and encouragement when expectations are exceeded.

This is a middle management position. Its responsibilities encompass the performance of sub-contractors and company personnel, the successful implementation of a project completion strategy, the definition of clear objectives, and the oversight and coordination of resources. Site superintendents serve as first-line managers (and, to some degree, team leaders) in this context. The company’s President functions as top level management.

Interpersonal roles are fulfilled when representing the company at meetings with a project’s financial backer (figurehead), motivating workers to meet goals (leadership), and dealing with suppliers, architects, and sub-contractors (liaison).

Informational roles are adopted in a project bid by scanning the environment and addressing contacts for information (monitor), which may include knowledge of a competitor’s advantage. This can then be shared with other project managers when it would affect them (disseminator), and, similarly, with people outside the organization (spokesperson).

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