Management in Restaurant- a Discussion on Tgi Friday and Maradonas

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1.1 Waiter/Waitress2

1.2 Maitre D (Supervisor)5


2.1 Waiter/Waitress7

2.2 Maitre D8





To: Senior Manager

From: Restaurant Manager


The purpose of this report is to develop a “Managers’ Handbook” which consist of some standard processes, policies and procedure in utilizing it for staffing affairs. This handbook consists of devised interview questions, recruitment techniques and an induction plan that can help attract and retain quality staff and compete with our chief competitor.


The information that I have gathered are from books, journals, articles, and websites from TGI Friday and The Hard Rock Café.


1.1 Waiter/Waitress

Question 1

Please explain why are you applying for this job? (Arduser and Brown, 2004).


Candidate should explain their interest and desire to be around people, to serve them, communicate and make their day. They should also relate some experience that is convincing where they have applied such enthusiasm to serve others (Shivarudrappa et al, 2010).


Able to work around people and to serve them is a fundamental aspect in customer service. From this question, the candidate’s capability of working around people is observed. We can also determine if they are service orientated candidates based on the experience (Arthur, 2006).

Question 2

Tell me a situation where you would describe the term “customer service” (McMahon, 2007).


Candidate should explain on the aspect of customer service example, serving customers either when asked or not and how they would interact with them by being friendly and courteous based on experience (McMahon, 2007).


As a waiter/waitress, it is important to have a customer service aptitude. This allows findings whether they are helpful when needed and the level of willingness to assist customers. (Lynn, 2008)

Question 3

You may have faced difficult situation with customers. In an example of a family dine in is disturbed with the next table customer who are speaking very loudly. They asked for your assistance to talk to them. How would you react? (Andrews, 2009)


They should explain on how they would handle the problem in consideration of customer service and behaviour. They should relate to some experience from the past that was similar to this situation, if any (Stone, 2006).


This is to analyst the candidate’s capability and skills of effective problem solving (Chmelynski, 2004) to handle the situation and to identify person’s composure.

Question 4

If you are successful in this position, how would you take care of your personal hygiene? (Chmelynski, 2004)


Candidate should explain in details on how they manage their hygiene example their body odour, hands cleanliness, clothing and hair (Chmelynski, 2004).


This question gives a clear answer on the candidate’s level of awareness on the importance of being hygienic and how the candidate manages it as they have learned from their past experience. (Strianese and Strianese, 2003).

Question 5

How would you response when customers from your co-worker’s table seem to be uneasy. What would you do? (Hoevemeyer, 2005)


Candidate should explain how they communicate with their co-workers asking them to assist the customer considering they are available and giving an alternative solution if the co-worker is not there or busy (Fry, 2000). They should relate some past experience in such situation....
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