Strategic Staffing

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The main goal of this paper is to create an example original Strategic Staffing Handbook that contains many of the vital tools used in the staffing process. It is the policy of EMT Crafts that this Strategic Staffing Handbook should be used as a plan of the basic personnel policies, practices, and procedures for the company. This Staffing Handbook includes definition of strategic staffing, description of the job analysis process, approach to posting a position and the related rationale for taking that approach, layout the interview process, and approach to pre-employment testing and assessment. Keywords: staffing handbook, interview process, employment procedure

Table of contents
1. Purpose of the Strategic Staffing Handbook
A definition of strategic staffing
A description of the job analysis process
The approach to posting a position
An example of application form
Layout the interview process
The organization’s interview philosophy
Examples of interview questions
Approach to pre-employment testing and assessment
8. Equal employment opportunity
9. Hours of work
10. Harassment procedures

Strategic Staffing Handbook
1. Purpose of the Strategic Staffing Handbook
The primary goal of Strategic Staffing Handbook is to provide many of the vital tools used in the staffing process such as immediate administrative and technical support services to the staff division throughout EMT Crafts. This division utilizes Strategic Staffing Handbook to complete particular projects fill in for personnel who are on leave, or to temporarily fill a vacant position during recruitment. EMT Crafts also supply their clients with a viable source of candidates for career and limited appointment positions. 2. A definition of strategic staffing

Strategic staffing defines as the process of recognizing and addressing the staffing implications of detailed business proposals and strategies, or better still, as the process of identifying and addressing the staffing involvement of change. The effect on staffing should be defined whenever transforms to business plans are being thought carefully (whether near-term or longer-term). Strategic staffing gives special importance the longer term, business orientation of the series of actions. By any name, this attempt typically includes (Bechet, 2011): • Defining the number (staffing levels) and types (capabilities) of employees who will be needed at a particular point in the future to implement plans effectively (often including how that staff should be organized and deployed); • Identifying the staffing resources that are currently available; • Projecting the “supply” of talent that will be available at that point in the future for which requirements have been defined (e.g., factoring in the effects of turnover, retirements, planned movement, etc.); • Identifying differences between anticipated demand and forecasted supply; • Developing and implementing staffing plans/actions needed to close talent gaps and eliminate surpluses. These main elements are, of course, rather typical of any strategic staffing or workforce planning procedure, and might be showed in any text or suggested by any consultant. Doing well implementation of a strategic staffing process lies not in how these principal steps are defined. It is not the set of actions themselves that are significant, it is how they are improved and implemented that counts. 3. A description of the job analysis process

A job analysis process is a comprehensive look at a special job or job classification. It is a process used to recognize all of the specific tasks (work/objectives) needed to perform a special job. Once all of the tasks are recognized, then all of the particular knowledge, skills and abilities required to be able to perform each task are recognized. Job analysis processes are conducted in order to create better employment and...
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