Leadership Discussion Questions

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Chapter Questions

Chapter 5: Page 158: Question 7.
7. Consider fear and love as potential motivators. Which is the best source of motivation for college students? For members of a new product development team? For top executives at a media conglomerate? Why?

Fear can be a powerful motivator, but many of today’s leaders are learning that an environment that reflex care and respect for people is much more effective than one which people are fearful. Fear doesn’t inspire our teams, it doesn’t build trust, and it doesn’t encourage people to follow. On the contrary it achieves the exact opposite. I feel that love is a better solution to try and influence college students. Also, having fear can lead to issues with work and from growing your true potential; it can weaken trust and communication. On the other hand, love can be beneficial love is a great motivation it’s a force that makes you feel alive. Love involves attraction, feelings, actions and behaviors. For members of a product development team I do not see fear as a solution, motivation and working your team hard and helping their morale while gaining their respect as their leader I see endless potential. Love is the best motivation because if you give someone positive compliments it helps your imagination and your potential to come out. I have heard a lot about executives using fear, I do think some leaders can be tyrannical and be successful. Maybe the journey is not a pleasure for the teams they employ and they themselves may believe that by working people hard and buying them out they are ultimately getting more out of their teams. But how long can someone last with a leader like that, Unfortunately for most, the choice is not their own and finding out you work for a tyrant can be a interesting dilemma. Do you “ride it out”, go head to head, and move on? All of these are a test of character and none are an easy way out....
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