Philosophy of Nursing Leadership Paper

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  • Published : January 19, 2013
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I.Completeness of discussion of leadership theory :
a. Clearly identifies the leadership theory
b. Clearly states rationale for theory choice.
c. Provides example(s) of leadership theory in action
d. Relates leadership theory to current practice
e. Includes citations from current theory and research (within 5 years).100 points: Accurately describes a leadership theory, using textbook, journals & books. Concise detailed description, relating leadership theory to current practice and how it uses key points of theory, or plans to use theory. Discusses several (at least 3) specific examples which accurately reflect theory in current practice.80-89 points: Accurately describes leadership theory, uses textbook and journals or books, less detailed, general description of application of leadership theory to practice with superficial examples.

70-79 points:
Describes leadership theory, cursory description with some inaccuracies, did not make good use of textbook, journal or books.
69 or less points:
Inaccurate description of leadership theory or describes nursing theorist without leadership theory, superficial description, uses limited resources.

II. Appropriateness of content:
a. Describes personal growth in leadership
b. Reflects on self as a leader in the present and future68-75 points: Describes personal growth with leadership roles, offers clear examples of growth. Also clearly describes reflection of self-development as leader. 60-67 points: Weakly correlates personal growth in leadership roles and /or reflection of self in future leadership role.

Very superficial description of growth in leadership role, no personal examples, did not reflect on future role.
52 points or less:
Did not describe personal growth in leadership role. Did not reflect on current or future leadership role.

III. Presentation of report:
a. APA format, typing, cover page,
grammar, spelling,
punctuation, writing style...
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