Learning Organization Survey

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| 2010|
| United World School of Business
Chandni ShahaniSowmya Nair|

[Learning organization survey]|
To understand how much the organization is a learning organization.|

Executive summary
This research project analyzed 8 variables in United World School of Business to determine whether the organization is a learning organization or not. The problem was that the United World School of Business leadership did not understand the components of a learning organization and whether the executives had any relationship to the success or failure in the organization for cultivating a learning organization. The purpose of this research project was to determine the components of a successful learning organization and to cultivate a learning organization. The Descriptive Research Method was used to analyze existing conditions in selected executives in the United World School of Business The following questions were gist of the survey:

1. What was a learning organization?
2. Which employees considered that they worked in a learning organization? The procedures involved administering a Learning Organization Assessment Survey and a Leadership Profile Survey and then comparing the results to determine their success at promoting and maintaining a learning organization. The results indicated the executives were balanced in leadership, behaviors, and characteristics. Recommendations based on this study and its findings are:

* A desired outcome statement be created that addresses the commitment on the part of leadership to create a learning organization, * Conduct an organizational-wide Learning Organization Assessment, * Determine deficiencies in learning organization leadership training, * Shift the focus of leadership training for executives and mid-management level employees from interpersonal leadership skills training to managerial and organizational leadership training, and * Establish transactional leadership traits and transformational leadership characteristics as hiring criteria for executive employees and promotional criteria for mid-management employees. Contents

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1| Introduction| |
2| Research Design| |
| Objective| |
| Data Source| |
| Sampling method| |
| Sampling size| |
| Analysis| |
3| Literature Review| |
4| Data analysis & interpretation| |
5| Findings| |
6| Suggestions & conclusion| |
7| Bibliography| |
8| Annexure | |
| Annexure A: LOP survey| |
| Annexure B: LOP Survey Results| |

As a part of the subject organizational development & change, we undertook a sub topic of the subject through a survey. The Learning organization profile survey by collecting data from the students as executives of United World School of Business. Sample size 40 is taken. These executives were evaluated on certain parameters: Holistic Frame, strategic thrust, shared vision, empowerment, information flow, internality, learning and synergy. There are several problems addressed: It is very difficult to identify real-life examples. Organizational learning has concentrated on the detached collection and analysis of the processes involved in individual and collective learning inside organizations; whereas the learning organizations literature has an action orientation, and is geared toward using specific diagnostic and evaluative methodological tools which can help to identify, promote and evaluate the quality of learning processes inside organizations. It could be argued that organizational learning is the ‘activity and the process by which organizations eventually reach the ideal of a learning organization’ Basically the survey is undertaken for students learning of what a learning organization and how much do its employees feel it to be a learning organization and how comfortable they are with the organizations’ processes and policies. A sample size of 40 is taken this is...
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