Ethics Skit Summary

Topics: Ethics, Leadership, Morality Pages: 2 (557 words) Published: February 23, 2013

Ethics Skit Summary
Article: Avoiding Integrity Land Mines
Candace M. Taylor
Ohio Dominican University
Instructor: Dr. Roxanne Beard
28 January 2013

In Ben W. Heineman Jr.’s 2007 article titled Avoiding Integrity Land Mines, the discussion supported the case for creating cultures from the top down in which departments and levels of professionals maintained an interdependence that supported ethics as well as profit growth. The principles presented, such as consistent committed leadership, transcending financial and legal rules, and staying ahead of the proverbial sheriff were by no means exercised in the company. The CEO had very little connection to the productivity mechanisms that were in place that promoted falsification of reported hours worked and the management had no incentive for improving the efficiencies and moral fiber of the sales team. Our team elected to demonstrate this situation due to a member experiencing the politics of mine fields in which the corporate culture hindered ethics and moral reasoning. From the disassociated CEO’s perspective, the manager’s were responsible for ensuring the clinical teams increased revenue and the clientele. From the perspective of management, the goal was only to achieve the numbers, specifically productivity quotas. There was very little cohesion in the culture that allowed for improved efficiencies and more motivated effectiveness. According to Mr. Heineman (2007), effective leadership is fundamental. In order to establish a culture environment with high integrity and ethically sound values leaders must conduct themselves accordingly. The idiom, “Do as I say, not as I do” does not apply. It is imperative leaders from the CEO down be cognizant of every aspect of their behavior and actions. Also, executives as well as staff need to be accountable for lapses in integrity. Ethical processes need to be reviewed periodically to access the effectiveness. High integrity and ethically sound...
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