Week 1 Questions

Topics: Leadership, Personality psychology, Management Pages: 2 (569 words) Published: May 19, 2013
Questions for Discussion

Question 1: What personality traits do leaders like Todd McFarlane possess that distinguish them from other individuals?

Answer: It is easy after reading the brief information on Todd McFarlane that he does have qualities a leader should possess. Edwin Ghiselli identified in his studies that there are six traits important to effective leadership. There have been many more studies where scholars have identified more traits. If you look at them all for the most part, they are similar. One of Edwin Ghiselli’s identified traits is need for achievement. McFarlane displays that he has this personality trait when starting his company. His passion and desire kept him motivated, even after 300 rejection letters from companies he sent his work too. As a leader or an entrepreneur, you must see through with your goals. You have to be able to take rejection and not let it deter you from your dreams. After his differences with Marvel comics, he took the risk and initiative to go out on his own. The fact that he left a company and never looked back shows his decisiveness trait. The fact that he is persistent he has become one of the most successful entrepreneur today. Now he owns his own company with a variety of products. Being self-confident is apparent as one of McFarlane’s traits, which a good leader should possess. The last trait I will write, although he has many is obviously intelligence/knowledge. McFarlane has many personality traits that have helped him in his life/business. Just like most good leaders McFarlane’s ability, vision, enthusiasm, and persistency has paid of for this entrepreneur. Question 2: How have global competition and technology advances changed business conditions and leadership challenges?

Answer: Global competition today has changed how many operate their businesses. Global competition has the biggest impact in manufacturing industry. With our economy not being the best, money issues...
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